Tips To Make Your Move With Pets Easy & Successful

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Moving is a taxing job for humans as well as pets. Moving with pets increase the criticalness of the process altogether. You need to make sure your pets are transferred from one place to another, without suffering from any discomfort and emotional trauma. Just like your children, pets make an integral part of your family. They are also very sensitive towards any change of activity at home, just imagine how a complete pack up and a stampede of movers would make them feel.  Even if they survive the packing process, introducing to a completely new environment also has its adverse effects to share. Whether you are a proud dog owner or a cat person, moving with any type of pet is a tedious process. Sadly, there are no one-way suits all kind of a solution to this problem. But, here are a few tips that would help you keep your pet calm and prepared for the upcoming change in the environment and adapt to it easily.

Prepare an overnight kit for the pet:

Just like you do it for yourself, prepare an overnight kit for your pet as well. An easy to access overnight kit is a must to make sure your dog doesn’t feel left out or uncomfortable in the new environment. The kit must have dog food, kitty litter, some toys, and essential grooming tools. While you take your time in unpacking your stuff, you can always use these handy supplies in making your pets comfortable in the new home.

Connect with the veterinarian:

It is very important to connect with your existing vet before you move away with your pets. The vet would provide you with any necessary precautions that you would take with your pet and also any instructions for making the induction process smoother. You must also collect all the records and prescription medications with you, at least one month’s supply in advance. Your existing veterinarian can also suggest a good vet in your new neighborhood and offer reference benefits.

Take away your pets from the site of action:

If you are concerned about your pets and do not want them to get stressed during the moving process, it is advised to take them away from the site of action. Find the quietest of the place in the house to provide shelter to your pets while you focus on packing and moving the stuff. You can anytime leave the pets with friends or in a kennel and make sure they do not get affected by the tedious packing process. The possible solutions for this are emptying a bedroom or any other room, making a bed for your pets in the garage or the basement, or trying any way out to keep them away from the action. As you make temporary arrangements for your pets, make sure you maintain the right temperature, make arrangement for food and water and whatever is required to keep your pet comfortable. Take them to regular walks, to help them realize that the routine isn’t broken thoroughly.

Take your pet along:

As you leave your old house and embark on your journey to the new address, you must ensure that the pet travels with you in the car. You can always put your cats and small breed dogs in a carrier and then on the backseat. Do not forget to secure the carrier with the help of the seatbelt. If you have a large sized dog, you can put the kennel at the back of your car. Put the seats down or make other arrangements to fit the kennel in the car, safely. If your pet is fine, throw a blanket or sheet over them as you take them from one environment to another.

Do not let them go free:

Until you are done the packing and settling the essentials at your home, do not free your pets. You must be very careful about your pets as they can easily get lost in the new neighborhood. Even the most docile pets tend to behave in a rebellious way when exposed to the new environment. You must ensure that you open the door of the carrier or kennel when you are inside your home and the pets are at ease with the surroundings. If you are a cat owner, you will be happy to know that it is suggested that cats should be kept inside the house, when you are moving with a cat, it is a perfect opportunity to help your cat learn indoor lifestyle and promote its safety.

Move the house and then the pet:

Yes, pet experts suggest that you must first move the house and then take the pet along. As soon as you have moved, try and arrange at least one room where you can bring your pet to. The pet must take time to adapt and one room at a time will allow them plenty of it. Make sure the room has enough familiar objects with them.

Moving with fish needs special attention:

If you are planning to move with fish stay prepared for some traumatizing experience. If you are moving to a short distance, you can always pack them in a bag filled with water from their old tank. Though not the best way, it could help you with easy transportation. However, if you are moving long distance, it is always better to find a new home for your fishes and buy new ones as you reach your new address.

Moving with birds:

If you do not want to lose your pet bird during the move, you must put them in a cage while transporting. Several cases have been reported where even a very docile bird flew away because of the changing environment. In fact, it is suggested to keep them in the cage for a while to help them get used to of the environment first.

These are some critical tips that you need to know about moving with pets. Did you know the best NYC movers can offer you may other reliable options to move your pets with ultimate ease? Hire a moving company that offers pet-friendly services and make sure you move your pets to the new place with utmost finesse.


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