Ultimate Moving to-do List You Must Follow While Moving

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Are you planning to move out and looking for the right moving to-do list for you? Yes, there are dozens of tasks that you need to do before time. Let us have a quick glance at the important tasks that you need to complete for a successful move.

  1. Sort all the items and decide what you want to take with you.
  2. Hire movers to get the task done without any stress.
  3. Don’t forget to contact your children’s school so they can immediately join the school after you reach there.
  4. Make sure to make the right and whole travel arrangements.
  5. It is time to start packing, so order packing supplies.
  6. Contact doctors and insurance agents.
  7. Once you pack all the items, don’t forget to label these.
  8. Don’t forget to make arrangements for your pet if needed.
  9. Contact the utility companies.
  10. Don’t forget to clear the freezer and remove all frozen food from it.
  11. Inform the post office, your friends as well as your neighbors about your new address.
  12. Confirm the movers on what time and date you are coming.
  13. Don’t forget to clean the rugs of the home. Get them ready to unroll in the new home.
  14. Pack your essential bag and take it with you in your car.
  15. Don’t forget to disconnect all the utilities and appliances before you leave your old home.
  16. Don’t forget to get the keys to your new home.

These are the tasks that you need to do when you decided to move.

How do I make my own moving checklist?

Moving is quite a difficult job to do as you have to organize every step of the job especially when you want to have a stress free moving. So, you should prepare a checklist before time.

Moving checklist tips 

No matter what type of move you are ready to embark whether it is a local move or an international move, moving a checklist is the first step to start your move.

What are the ideas to make a moving checklist?

If you are planning to make a customized moving checklist, these ideas can help you:

Printable checklists: Some pre-printable checklists are available on the internet. Usually, they cover most of the items but editing is not possible.

On your phone: You can also have a checklist ready on your phone. You can do it using an appropriate moving-related application. You can keep it handy if you have it on your phone.

On paper: You can write down the checklist on paper using a pen. But there is a risk of losing this during the moving process.

A word document: You can start it drafting on the MS world. But remember that at a specific time, you also need to pack all your electronics so make sure you keep it in the printable form before you pack all your electronic items or transfer it to your mobile phone.

Moving checklist for packing 

The packing checklist must involve a list of items and all your belongings that you need to pack on time. If you are considering packing a do-it-yourself task then it is important to bring supplies to pack these items. There are also a lot of other tasks that belong to packing. So, make a checklist that contains all the items that you want to bring with yourself in your new home. Even if you hire movers for packing still, it is your responsibility to make a list of items that you want to get packed to take to your new home.

Moving Checklist for moving household items 

Make a checklist of all the household items that you want to take with you in your new home. It is important to know that certain items such as electronics and other fragile items require special handling to move them safely at the new location.

There are also some items that movers do not allow you to move in the truck or state moving rules do not allow you to move, therefore, make sure that you make a list of items that you want to take with you concerning the rules and regulations of the state. Apart from that, consider this fact, the higher the weight of the belongings, the higher will be the cost of the shipment. So make sure you get rid of all the unwanted items before you start packing for a move.

Moving Checklist for utilities 

Prepare a moving checklist for the utilities that you need at your new home. Also, don’t forget to cancel the subscription of your old home. When making a moving checklist, add all the utilities you want to subscribe to in your new home. Make sure you don’t miss to tell all your friends and family about your move and tell them your new address also make sure you notify the post office about your new address. Add all these tasks to your moving checklist.

Moving checklist for an international move 

If you are considering moving out of state or country then don’t forget to get all the documents ready that are required to move out. You should also include the contact of the local embassy so if you require, you can use it later.

Additionally, if you still need help in making a moving list then you can use moving checklist applications available on the internet to do the task with ease. You can get an online moving checklist easily available on the internet then you can edit it as per your needs and requirements.

What should I do a week before moving?

As only one week is left from your move, you might be feeling stressed and confused. It is the time when you are running out of sleep. If you are stressed and confused about the things you should do now, have a look at these things to do one week before.

It is time to pack an essential box: just a few days are left from your move, so you need to pack almost all the items now. It is time to pack an essential box that you will need during your move and even after your move for one or two days at your new home till you do not unpack your belongings or till the moving truck does not reach your new home.

Also, label this bag as “don’t move” as you should take this in your car with you. Keep it handy so you can access all the necessary items with you.

Transfer back accounts: If there is a need, make sure you transfer all the back accounts at the new place. This is needed when you are moving out of state or when it is an international move.

Confirm the movers: Call the movers and make sure that the movers will come on at the right time on the right date.

Disassemble the remaining furniture: Depending on the type of movers you choose, whether you have hired full-service movers or movers just to load and unload items, you should disassemble the remaining furniture that you want to move. It is time to get it ready for the move.

Pay any remaining bills: If any utility bill is left, make sure you pay the remaining bills. Also, make sure that you cancel the remaining utilities.

Apart from this, make sure you do all the majority of the packing. These are the things you should do a week before the move.

What You Should Know Before You Move?

  1. Precise cost estimation is the first thing that you have to do. Homeowners who have never moved before do not estimate the cost before embarking on the actual move. But make sure you should estimate your budget before you move and the cost related to it.
  2. Hiring NYC movers is one of the best ways to handle your move without getting stressed and to do the task with ease.
  3. It is important to follow a moving checklist. Make a moving checklist or download it online and then follow this moving checklist to have a stress free move.
  4. Consider money-saving tips if you want to save higher during your move.
  5. De-cluttering of the home is necessary if you want to reduce the cost of the move. Make an inventory of your home and get rid of all the unwanted items.
  6. It is impossible to move house without assistance. You can take assistance in the form of your friends, family members or movers as well. So make sure you hire assistance as per your needs and requirements before time.
  7. If you pack yourself, you can save a higher cost of moving. So try to do the packing as much as you can to reduce the cost of the moving.
  8. Moving can be dangerous if you have not planned before. Planning is the foundation of the move.

Apart from that, know the city where you are moving and when you are moving. These are the things that you should know before you move.