Tips To Choose The Best Fine Art Movers in New York

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You might have started making plans for your move. But what about the special items that you possess? How will you move your special fine art items, pictures, statues, sculptures, chandeliers and much more? To move such items safely, you need to hire reliable NYC movers for you. No matter whether these items are a heritage or not, of course, you want to move it safely. So it is necessary to use the services of the movers who can keep your items including fine arts during the move regardless of the type of the move whether you are embarking on a short-move or a long-distance move.

  1. Make sure that the movers have all the required registrations and licenses.
  2. Don’t forget to read the reviews of the fine art movers to know whether their fine art moving services are reliable or not.
  3. Check whether the company or movers possess the right tools and equipment to ship fine artworks, after all, both monetary and sentimental values are attached to it. Like in case if you want to move a piano with you then make sure you have the right equipment to move the piano. The company should possess the equipment that should be used to ship the artwork you possess at your home. For artwork, the company should have wooden crates in which artwork can be packed and transported safely.
  4. NYC movers are required to follow a certain list of basic criteria in their work when it comes to transporting the artworks.

Follow these tips if you want to choose the best fine art movers in New York City. Do a little research online and ask for moving quotes and then decide the right moving company for you to move the antique and art pieces.

How much should you tip movers NYC?

The tipping culture is around the world since ancient times. It is a versatile culture in which you can tip depending on you. In the USA, you can make your own choices and free to pay the tip as much as you can. All of us don’t get usually relocate therefore we should tip movers to express our satisfaction and happiness. It is just a kind gesture towards them who have worked a lot for you.

Are you obliged to tip movers NYC? 

No, not at all, it is just a matter of preference. If you want to tip movers based on the work they do for you, you can else your choice. You are not obliged to tip movers. If money is not a problem for you then you should tip movers else you can skip this step while moving.

If movers have done everything right and on time then it is a generous gesture to tip them. The best way to tip your movers is according to the time they work for you. Though there is no golden rule on how much you should tip your movers you can pay 15% of the total moving amount as tip. Apart from this, it is a good rule of thumb to pay the movers 5 dollars each hand for one hour. But again it is your matter of preference, you can pay as you want. Just show up your appreciation to them as they have moved all your belongings safely to your new location.

What is the best way to find fine art movers?

Of course, you want to transport the fine art you possess at your home. Many people do it incorrectly resulting in the damage of the artwork.

Transporting art prints and photographs: Usually, fine art movers have wooden crates that can keep the prints and photographs safe during transportation. You can use custom wooden crates to transport art prints and photographs of any size.

Unframed artwork:

  1. Stack these artworks face to face and back to back in the back seat of the moving truck. Put the blanket and towel underneath of these arts to ensure that it does not slide during transportation.
  2. Get some packing supplies such as card box, bubble wrap and so on. Then pack the artwork using these packing supplies to transport these safely at your new home. Before packing, wrapping the art with the acid-free paper before wrapping into bubble wrap will be an ideal option.

Note: Don’t leave the artwork on the seat in a hot car because acrylic paints can melt in hot weather.

Framed artwork: 

Though you can transport the framed artwork similar to the unframed artwork the difference is that you don’t need to wrap the framed artwork into the acid paper. The rest of the procedure remains the same to keep the framed artwork protected during transportation.

What is the best way to pack artwork for moving? 

  1. Find the appropriate size of the box to pack the art piece. Sort all your art pieces in categories small, medium and large and then find appropriate boxes for these pieces of art. It is recommended you pack each large art piece work in a separate box to ensure complete safety.
  2. If it is a framed artwork with the glass covering then use masking tape to place an “X” on to it. This will prevent the shattering and moving of the glass.
  3. If your artwork is not framed and it does not have glass over it then don’t forget to wrap the face of the art using multi wraps of the plastic kitchen paper.
  4. Next, wrap the entire art pieces with the bubble wraps to ensure its complete safety. Lay down the bubble wrap double the size of the art piece on the surface, add the art piece on it. Wrap the end of the paper and then wrap the packing tape around it so the bubble wrap can stay intact during transportation.

You should not use newspapers to wrap the art pieces because the newspaper can leave marks on the frame.

  1. To provide additional protection, use the card boxes with specialized corners should be used.
  2. Fill up the gap using the newspaper.
  3. Before sealing the box, test it for movement. Gently move it to see whether the art piece moves inside or not. If it moves, fill up the gap again using the crumpled newspaper.
  1. Seal it thoroughly and at last, mark it with the art pieces so you and movers can handle with extra care.

What is the best way to pack the furniture for moving?

Packing furniture is one of the biggest tasks that you have to do when move. There is no secret in that packing is laborious. If you are worried about how you will pack furniture items while moving, follow this guide.

  1. Decide which part of the furniture you can take apart. Disassemble furniture items that you can disassemble to decrease the weight of the furniture and to reduce the bulkiness of it.
  2. It is recommended you to take the pictures of the furniture before you disassemble it. This will help you in having a visual reminder of the things that how these looked like and help you in assembling the items. Make sure you keep all the screws of a furniture item in the same box where you pack the furniture item.
  3. Order enough of packing supplies that are needed to pack all the furniture items.
  4. Once you can disassemble the furniture, it is time to cover it using the blankets and the furniture pads. Secure covers with the plastic wrap and then use tape to make these blankets and plastic wrap intact on the furniture items.
  5. There are certain parts of the furniture items that require extra care and handling. Wrap all these fragile items using the bubble wrap to add an extra layer of security to these parts.
  6. You should wrap the mirrors installed in the furniture items using “X” tape to ensure that the mirror does not move during transportation.
  7. If you want to pack television, cover it with cloth and plastic wrap to provide complete safety to it.
  8. And you are done with the packing of the furniture items.

Follow this guide to pack the furniture items so you can move these safely to your new home. This guide will help you in keeping your furniture damage and scratch-free during its transportation so it is recommended you to follow all these steps to pack all your items.