Tips To Maximize Your Closet Space

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If you are discouraged by a small closet, don’t worry, there are several ways to maximize your closet space. Staying organized is one of the best ways to maximize your closet space. By using a few decorating tricks and organizing products, you will find that your closet is not as tiny as it seems. Have a look at this list of techniques to maximize your closet space.

  1. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit 

Just throw away all the pieces that do not fit you. Throw out all the items that are out of style now, that are either too tight or loose. Remember that you will never change your size overnight, it is not a good option to keep the items in your closet that are of smaller in size just to get fit in that size. Till you reach that size, the clothing item will go out of style. If you are at a diet plan and it is working then keep your clothes stored elsewhere and get back these to your closet once you get that size. It will keep your closet organized and efficient.

  1. Add lighting to create the illusion 

Illuminate your closet just to make it look bigger than it is. Battery operating lighting would be a good option. There are also lights available that come with remote control. You can choose any lighting as per your choice to create an illusion.

  1. Remove the clutter 

You will have a lot of other items of no use than just clothes such as shoes and other accessories. Also, don’t forget to remove that plastic covering that comes with the dry cleaning to create more space in your closet. Because it is very shocking to know how much space they take. Just make an inventory and get rid of all the clutter you have there in your closet.

  1. Hang a mirror 

Mirrors are a great way to create an illusion of making it look bigger. Mirrors make the closet feel like it extends beyond the walls. But it is recommended you to go for a shiny mirror, don’t make a mistake to hand an old mirror which can degrade the beauty of the mirror.

  1. Use several storage space organizers 

You can use small boxes, racks, and other storage space organizers to store more items in your closet. It makes storage more efficient and allows you to store more items in a smaller closet.

  1. Roll your t-shirts 

Again, if you want to save space then rolling your t-shirts would be an ideal option. Don’t just stuff them into the drawer. Or you can fold them and stack vertically in drawers to save the space. It will also stop your t-shirts from getting wrinkled.

Use these tips, when it comes to maximizing the closet space. You will defiantly love these tricks.

Ways to maximize hanging space!

When it comes to saving space in your closet, the best possible way is to save by using the right hangers. Have a look at these ways to maximize the hanging space.

Double the hanging space: Nothing can maximize your closet space than double hangs. Hanging space is more efficient than shelves but make sure you use double hang in your closet. It will save your closet space. All you have to do is just make a habit of hanging things that you usually fold and stack in your closet.

Create more floor space: If you have lots of long hanging and short hanging clothes then organize the long hangings clothes at one end and short hanging clothes at the other end. It will open a lot of the ground space for you. A little dresser or a stacking shoe can be placed at this vacant space.

Use the right hangers according to the closet space: It is recommended you to use the right hangers according to the space you have in your closet. Remember that hangers are not just meant to hang your jackets, you can also hand other accessories even your boots in hangers.

List of items you can hang:

  • Handbags
  • Boots
  • Pants suits
  • Scarves
  • Blankets
  • Dress shirts and so on

Use one type of hangers to hold one type of clothes so pulling out of clothes will become easier for you. Use less bulky and slim hangers to save the closet space.

Walk-in closet maximization ideas!!!

Walk-in closet is a good idea for your bedroom to arrange all your clothes, bags, shoes and all other accessories more easily. But storage is always the biggest concern for the people.

Be consistent with your hangers: One of the best ways to maximize walk-in closet storage space is by using one type of hangers. If you are using the same type and size of hangers then there will be no space in two hangers and you can utilize the complete space of your walk-in closet.

Add additional racks and rods to maximize the space: Adding additional racks and rods to maximize the empty spaces present in your walk-in closet.

Remove all the stuff and rearrange: It is recommended you to remove all the stuff present in your closet and rearrange it in an organized and efficient manner. For example hand one type of clothes at one end and another type of clothes at another end. You can also keep it organized by adding one color of dresses in one place and so on. It would not only look good but as well as make your closet more spacious.

Remove items you would not need more: When you remove all the stuff from your walk-in closet, you will find several items that you would not use more. Make sure you remove all these items from your closet and store only the items that you will need in the future to keep your closet organized and efficient.

Closet space-saving organizers! 

Nowadays, lots of closet space-saving organizers are available in the market to save the space in the closet and to make the closet more organized and efficient. Have a look at these organizers to make the closet more efficient.

Closet door shoe rack: Closet door shoe racks are one of the best space-saving organizers that do not only store the space but as well as it is super functional that can store all sorts of items including clothing items as well as other accessories.

Use cardboard boxes: To make your closet more efficient and to add more items to your closet, you can add small cardboard boxes at the empty spaces.

Use hooks for boots: Boots are perhaps one of those items that need larger space especially tall boots. So instead of storing them in a boot box, it is recommended you to use the hooks to hang for boots. So buy small hooks and hang them on the wall inside the closet.

Curtain rings: Do you know you can use the rings that usually come with the curtains to save your closet space? All you have to do is just put your clothes in the rings and hang them on the rod of the closet. This would not only save the space but as well as make your closet more organized.

Clothing organizers: if you don’t have more space to keep your clothes, don’t worry, there is a lot of clothing organizers are available in the market that you can use to store clothes in lesser space. You can use hang organizers on the back of the door to sort all the accessories and clothes.

Use tubes for smaller items: You can use round shape tubes to store smaller items such as shirts, t-shirts and so on. It would not only helps you to store more at lesser space but as well as make your closet more organized. You can also store handkerchiefs, scarves, and belts more efficiently in these smaller tubes.

You can use racks, boxes at the empty places to make the space more efficient. Try once, you will defiantly love these organizers.

If you are moving to a new house and have hired the best New Jersey movers, these tips will help you make full utilization of the living space available in your property. Even if you are willing to organize your existing home, these tips are perfect to enlarge the space in your home and enjoy organized living.