Best Tips on Moving From Professional Movers

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Moving a house is a very difficult and expensive task. It is a draining process both emotionally and financially, no matter if you are moving in the same city or moving out of state. If you want to save big bucks then a DIY move is very much considerable. There are many ways to start a DIY move, you can pack your things yourself, load and unload yourself, and you can hire a truck for transportation and can drive to your new place yourself. However, if you want to keep it simple and organized, hiring professional movers is the key.

Moving a house means a chain of processes. With some guidance, proper planning and our recommended checklist to your upcoming move, you’ll be sure to have everything done right and the moving day stress can be turned into a celebration.

Plan Your Move in Advance

Start planning for the things as soon as you get to know about your move. If you know it well in advance, say a month prior, then make a weekly planner. Start doing things according to that. But if you get to know your move at the last minute then you cannot think of a DIY move as you will need professionals to pack smartly in no time. They bring all necessary packing materials along and due to their vast experience and expertise they do their job in hours. All you have to do is be sure to get the boxes labeled. The best movers provide unpacking facilities too.

Keep a Budget and Save

Don’t forget to make a budget for your moving event. Everything should be listed and well budgeted because moving is an expensive process, it may make a hole in your pocket. Better plan prior for last minute extra spending. Stick to your budget by using some smart ideas. Ask your family and friends for packing materials. Avoid buying bubble wraps and use materials available at home including socks, hand towels, and blankets, etc. You can take help of your friends in packing and unpacking the stuff and can thoroughly save on packing services. You can even load and unload your belongings yourself with the help of a few friends and family. Working with family and friends is both fun and adventure so friends are always willing to help too.

Research for a Good and Reliable Moving Company

Hiring the best movers in New Jersey is the most important decision to make your move a good and calm experience. Research online for the local companies or you can ask your friends and family for recommendations. Don’t get settled with the first company you get to know. Check company website, look for the ratings and rankings given to the company. You can also read reviews given by past customers to have an idea about the services of the company. Don’t get trapped in any moving fraud.

Check their license, insurance number and working authorization number. Be sure to have an on location survey before asking for a price quotation, many companies quote the price over a call and at the last minute ask for the extra price by saying the items are more or heavier than they think. So it’s better to keep the terms clear in advance. Compare the prices and services of all the shortlisted companies and then hire the best.

Sorting and Packing

Once you are sorted with the best movers, next comes is packing the stuff. Whether you are packing your things yourself or calling a packing service, the first step that you need to do is sort your things. We all have a list of things that we do not use but still, they are there in every nook and corner of the house. Get rid of that extra stuff and moving is the perfect time to do so. Take out all that you have not used since long, those clothes that are not fitting or you don’t like wearing, extra shoes, stationery, kitchenware, and anything that is not serving you anymore.

Take out those extra things and sell them, donate them or simply throw them. You can plan a garage sale for those new items. Donate the clothes if they are in decent conditions. This will not only save you from extra packing but will also make some money and will keep your new place tidy.

If you are packing your stuff yourself, there is a list of packing materials that you will need. Gather all the packing materials in enough quantity before you start packing, to save yourself from running again and again to the market. Packing materials include packing boxes, packing tape, packing bags, bubble wraps, packing sheets and markers for labeling the boxes.

Best movers New Jersey recommends starting from one room and packs all the belongings and then opts for next place. Don’t open everything altogether as it will create confusion. Pack similar items together. Label the boxes clearly mentioning their room numbers and items stored in them. Use different color markers to mark boxes containing fragile materials.

Pack a Separate Bag for Moving Day

The best movers New Jersey suggest packing a separate bag for moving day. You can pack all the essentials that you will need immediately after moving so that you will not have to go through each packed box to get the things. Pack your essentials including toothbrush, coffee pouches, toiletries, hand towels, a pair of extra clothes, napkins, some snacks, and prescribed medicines, etc. Also, don’t forget to keep one bedding loose and keep it in your own car.

Along with the essentials bag, also pack your expensive and important things and keep them with you. Gather all the important documents and papers including your passports, driving license, legal papers, and banking papers and pack them together. Expensive items like jewelry and things with sentimental values should also be kept with you. Do not pack these items with the other stuff to save them from any loss or damage.

Above said are some tips that the best movers New Jersey claims save you from a bad or rough moving experience. Keep these things in mind while planning a move and you are sorted for a happy moving experience.  If you are not in a mood to handle all the complexities of the moving process on your own, you must hire the best moving company in New Jersey and let the experts handle the job. The professional will ensure that your move is organized and a pleasant experience for you.

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