Moving Checklist Covering the Basics

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As soon as you know that you’re moving, make a list of all the pieces of furniture and indoor and outdoor decor. Determine which pieces you can live without until you move into your new home and how much furniture and décor can be arranged nicely there. And immediately start the online selling process or drop them off at a nearby donation center. While moving, you should plan ahead as much as possible so it’s best to break down the moving process into stages to make it seem less stressful.

You may think that planning too much in advance is not necessary but the key to a successful, stress-free move is preparation. The moving house usually takes longer than what we expect due to obstacles that may pop up along the way especially if you’re packing your own belongings.  But whether you are hiring the best Los Angeles Movers or have decided to tackle moving home on your own by following the below checklist for moving a house, you give yourself the best possible chance of a painless, punctual and cost-effective move.

Checklist for Weeks Before The Move:

  • Get rid of everything you don’t want to be moved along. Consider booking a junk removal service to make it fast and easy. You can arrange a garage sale to sell everything that you are not using anymore. You can even plan to donate at a nearby donation center.
  • Talk to your housing society office well in advance and book elevators and make arrangements to save a parking spot for the moving truck in front of both locations for at least up to 4-5 hours on a moving day.
  • Make a list of people and businesses to notify about your new address which may include your close family members, friends, and services that you have subscribed for.
  • Start gathering packing supplies including packing paper, tape, bubble wrap, and boxes or cartons.
  • Get or update insurance for your items if needed. High-value items need verified values in advance of a move.
  • Start packing the things which you are not using in the coming weeks before your move. This may include your tableware, kitchenware, and precious décor items. This will not only save you from last minute packing but will also give u enough time to pack them properly. Label each box with the items on the box as you pack including which room they go in.
  • Check all furniture and note any scratches or dents. Take pictures of your furniture to save it for future use in case the movers spoil them during the move.
  • Start researching for the best Los Angeles Movers. You can ask your friends and relatives for recommendations or you can also check online for various options. Be sure to check all the necessary documents of the company you hire. Don’t settle for the first company you come across. Get quotations from three or more companies after an on-location survey and select the one with the best price and services offered.

Checklist for the Moving Week

  • Take down all the pictures and other hanging items and pack them properly.
  • Be sure to pack the loose items that belong to all the electronics in the house. Take pictures of the cable setups of all your electronics.
  • Gather all the fragile items from dressers and desks and pack them.
  • Clean out and pack the bathrooms as these will be the first things that you will need at your new place and you will not get enough time to clean and pack at the end moment.
  • Pack a bag with some essentials including a change of clothes, coffee, snacks, and toiletries to keep with you for the first night.
  • Confirm with the Los Angeles Movers about the moving date and your booking.

Checklist for the Moving Day

  • Now when all the other items are packed and the house is all packed, there are still some things that are unpacked like beds so remove blankets and linens from beds and pack them up.
  • Check any inbuilt wardrobes and upper shelves in the house to ensure all items are removed from appliances.
  • Don’t forget to do a final walkthrough to check all rooms, closets, and cabinets for any missed items after the truck is loaded up.

Along with above said basic moving checklist, here are some more tips on packing to make your move smoother. The key to a smooth moving experience is being highly organized. If you take the time to plan things out before the big day, your move will be much easier than you can expect. You can follow the packing tips given below, as, in the whole moving process, packing seems the most complicated task. But you can keep it simple with a little planning:

  • Set Individual Goals:

Have a family meeting and assign work. You can decide 1 room per day per person which should give you enough time to pack all the stuff properly and but also will distribute the burden. Budget more for time with fragile items and expensive items.

  • Thumb Rule of Packing:

Don’t forget to pack the heavier items in the smaller boxes as if we will store many heavy items in one big box, the chances of breaking and damage will increase.

  • Label the Boxes as Per Rooms:

Don’t forget to label the boxes as per the room they belong to. Also mark some of the items containing in the box asIt makes organizing the new place much easier.

  • Keep the boxes as we stack bricks in a wall. It will save them from falling. Also, stack heavier boxes at the bottom and heavier above. Boxes that aren’t full aren’t stackable. So if there is extra space in a box then stuff the remaining space with paper.
  • Pack everything one day prior to your actual moving day.


  • Be sure to well packed and clearly labeled boxes.
  • Don’t forget to clear out everything that is not coming, in advance.
  • Movers load boxes first, so staging them in the most accessible room is best. Clear all the doorways too.
  • Dismantle your beds and other furniture if required before the move.
  • Keep closing the doors on rooms that are complete it will enable the movers to know where to focus next.
  • Direct traffic at the front of the house during the unload, informing the movers where each piece goes.

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