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Moving Relo is one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles, and over time we have built a reputation for ourselves and take the values of effective service delivery to heart. Furthermore, we have gained recognition in Los Angeles as a company that delivers reliability, effectiveness, efficiency, and excellent quality of work, and that is why businesses at their varying levels are fond of using our local movers to facilitate the movement of items, including the offering of storage services to them. It does not matter if it is San Bernardino, Ventura, Riverside, etc. Moving Relo has what it takes to deliver efficient moving services. If it is about moving items between very short distances, or cross-country moving, you cannot go wrong with opting for Moving Relo, because our Los Angeles movers are always on hand to ensure that you get the help you need with moving your items from place to place. Over time, we have successfully completed a lot of jobs and gained recognition from the public, furthermore, we have a lot of positive reviews that our esteemed customers have dropped. When we talk about offering a full service, it basically refers to the fact that we can move anything either from one residence to a new home, or the movement of entire offices, including cubicles systems, server rooms and all the computers, medical equipment, among other items. We are meticulous about our service delivery, and that has been a contributory factor to making us one of the best movers Los Angeles has ever had.

Our Services

Residential Moves

Moving to a new home is something of joy, however, packing your things and preparing them for the move to your new home can be daunting and overwhelming if handled by you, hence, you need professionals; you need us to come to the rescue, while you focus on other important things

Commercial Moves

Are you looking to move offices, and are wondering how you will move everything? You do not have to worry, we are well of the fact that commercial moves require a lot of attention, as there is the possibility of losing important documents, but at Moving Relo, we can comfortably tell you that we have you covered

Storage Services

When renovating, there are times when you have so much stuff and need to create some space, not knowing where to store them can prove to be frustrating, and also slow down the pace of the renovation. It could also be that you need to store some office documents in order to create space for more. Whatever the case is we have a secure storage facility for safe keeping of your items

Packing Services

When faced with packing, a lot of people get confused about how to pack, because they either do not have an idea how to go about it, or they do not have the materials and equipment needed to do a good job. That is why you need Moving Relo to help you pack your stuff in a professional, safe, secure, and reliable manner

Why Moving Relo?

  • We are climbing the ladder of success, and that is why we always stick to our values, and will never compromise them when moving in Los Angeles.
  • One thing that makes us stand above the regular Los Angeles moving companies is the fact that we are committed to delivering value, in the form of professionalism, honesty, efficiency, effectiveness, orderliness, and timeliness, among other values.
  • We are pleased to let you know that all of our personnel are professionals, as they have gone through different trainings, and are kept up to date with the latest trend in professional moving techniques and safety protocols.
  • We can also assure you that you will get a comprehensive service delivery, regardless of the distance you want to move, with no hidden cost, hence, you will get value for the amount you pay.
  • The fact that we are local movers is not a limiting factor, as we have been able to move items commercially for big companies, and this has also contributed to the reputation that we have built over time.

If you live in Los Angeles, you will agree that using the freeways can be daunting and difficult to maneuver some times, however, it is no big deal to us, because our team is made up of professionals who have garnered experiences in the field, hence, they are able to take care of the toughest situations.

Our Mandate to Deliver the Best Services

Our moving company is one that is fully staffed, and thus, we have all it takes to handle even the most difficult jobs. It does not matter whether you need moving helpers, an estimate for moving, storage and moving services, or perhaps just pointers to help you, Moving Relo Los Angeles movers has a support system that is friendly and always on hand to help people. As a company that values its reputation as one of the leaders in moving commercially, we take extra precaution by shrinking and bubble-wrapping items that are valuable to you, and also have them carefully packed and transported to the destination. As professionals in the business, we ensure that we use moving equipments that are specialized for safe and quick transportation of items that are fragile and can easily get damaged. In the case of dealing with paperwork, we are proud to tell you that our solutions are environmentally safe, and efficient. Our service delivery system takes time into cognizance, and that is why we can deliver some items prior to the move, in order to facilitate easy movement and unpacking when the day comes. If you also need to deal with office furniture, including its removal and transportation, then we are the right company for you to meet, and we are more than confident that you will be glad that you chose us to handle your packing and moving for you.

Our Offering to Our Clients

We know how tedious moving can be, especially if you are handling the packing on your own, and that is why we are offering our services to help you ease the stress of packing and moving. We have the experience, expertise, materials, and equipment needed to effectively and efficiently pack and move for you, while you attend to some other important matters. We are well aware of the fact that there are other moving companies in Los Angeles offering the same services as us, but reviews have shown that some of these companies have not been able to live up to the promises of excellent service delivery that they have promised, but our story is different, as there has been only positive reviews, not just because we have the experience and professionals, but also because we value our customers, and will go the extra mile to see that we surpass their expectations at all times, and thus, build a long term relationship with them.

Affordable Los Angeles Movers for You

Our Los Angeles moving services include commercial movers, residential movers, packing, and storage. You deserve the best in moving services, and because we are a company that values excellence, we can guarantee that you will get nothing but the best if you give us the chance to prove our worth to you. You can call us anytime to get a quote, or ask questions for clarification, and our customer support will be on hand to give you all the info you need. Moving Relo is a topnotch moving company that takes moving to a whole new level, by being professional and meticulous about every bit of the processes involved in packing and moving. If you are in Los Angeles and need a moving company with efficient and effective service delivery such as cannot be found in the area, then Moving Relo is the moving company to hire.

What Customers Say

A Fantastic experience, people really professional very considerate and useful. The moving went quickly and easily. I'll use them for almost any moving I want to do later on. I will certainly refer them for my buddies and my family
Michel Bourez
Michel Bourez
“I have known Moving Relo for a while now, and I use them so often that they have become like family to me and I’m pretty sure, a lot of people have the same to say about them, their moving, packing and storage services are just superb!”
Brion Thomas
Brion Thomas
"I am very greatful and thankful to Vlad and the staff at Moving Relo for doing a great job handling my families relocation from Dallas to Florida and they were really professional and accommodating and the service was way above par."
Whitnee Arias
Whitnee Arias