Proven Ways to Find The Best Movers For Your Next House Move

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Moving a house is not only an emotional and stressful event of life but also taxing and very expensive. For a successful residential move, the basic requirement of finding a reputable, experienced,  trustworthy and professional moving company, that is considered as the best movers. Many a time moving home becomes a terrible experience if you end up selecting and hiring rogue or dishonest movers. The dishonest movers may take advantage of you any way they can.

You may need to do your homework and educate yourself on your usable options when choosing a moving company by research and careful planning to save yourself from possible fraud and to keep your valuables and belongings from falling into the wrong hands.

Following steps will eliminate the possibility of becoming a victim of moving frauds:

you need to be extra cautious while hiring best movers near you. here we have mentioned a few important aspects that you must notice while hiring a moving company for your next move.

Ask For Written Cost Quotations:

Ask your family, friends, and colleagues for recommendations for moving companies. You can also select a few moving companies on the internet. Don’t forget to look for their rankings and ratings. Reviews are given by past customers also are very helpful in knowing the company’s reputation. You can also check online blogs for recommendations. Once you select multiple options, get moving cost estimates in writing from all these reputable movers. An in-home survey of your house should be done and the quoted cost should be based on the survey. The physical inspection of your home will enable the mover to give accurate quotes that will reflect your actual moving cost.

Moving companies that give estimates only over the phone or via e-mail without an actual survey of your household should not be hired. In fact, there are certain apps for moving that help you inventory your home, keep you organized from start to finish, and even let you calculate your moving costs.

Compare The Services And Quotations Of All The Movers Approached:

Never hire the very first moving company that offers to move your belongings within your budget, you may be able to save on it. You need to estimate your relocation options carefully in order to pick the interstate moving company that should fulfill your requirements, meet your expectations, and fit your budget too. Many times we make a mistake of hiring a mover based only on the lowest estimates quoted by them. While comparing moving companies and their quotations, proper attention should be paid to the price, but other things should also not be ignored includes additional services, online reputation, years of experience, and complaint history of the company.

Do Not Fall For Movers Who Quote Less:

You should be very conscious if you come across any cost estimates that happen to be way lower. These type of extra low estimates could be a sign of potential moving fraud. It also indicates a dishonest mover who may be trying to lure you in. They may increase the price drastically at the time of your move or even may disappear with your deposit money or your belongings. Better to stay away from movers that offer you the moon and don’t forget that if an estimate is too good to be true it can be a potential fraud mover, especially when the mover in question has trouble explaining why their offered price is so low.

Look For Movers Who Are Licensed By The U.S Department Of Transportation (U.S.DOT)

While choosing an interstate mover you must ensure that they have a USDOT number. It is important for all interstate moving companies to get registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) in order to operate legally in the country. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ensures that each cross-country mover should have various insurance and safety. It also ensures that they meet all financial standards before they are issued with a USDOT number. A USDOT number is a legal proof that the company is a legitimate and properly licensed interstate mover. You can also use FMCSA’s mover search tool to get access to up-to-date information. This tool allows you to see all the registered interstate movers and their complaint history. The requirements for professional moving companies vary. Check with your state, county or local consumer affairs agency, or your state attorney general.

Don’t Forget To Check The Mover’s Complaint History:

Check the complaint history status of each moving company with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The National Consumer Complaint Database (NCCDB) of FMCSA lets you examine the number of complaints lodged against any registered interstate mover in the last four years.  You can also check each mover’s complaint record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Hiring a BBB and can look for an accredited mover with an excellent BBB rating.

Know The Ways Of Protection Of Your Belongings:

You need to understand your options for protecting your items while choosing a mover. You can have two options to do – Valuation Coverage and Moving insurance. Generally, moving companies automatically provide Valuation Coverage when you sign the Bill of Lading. Its liability is only 60 cents per pound per item when moving to another state. You should seriously consider purchasing additional moving insurance for your household goods as the Valuation Coverage is not enough. Look for moving companies that are able to offer you adequate insurance. The insurance can be either from them or from a third-party insurance company. The mover must issue a policy or a written record of the purchase.

Know Your Rights

You’re Rights and Responsibilities When You Move is a booklet prepared by the U.S. Department of Transportation that contains useful information if you are moving interstate. It also contains vital information about what can be done in case your goods are lost or damaged during the interstate move. Your interstate movers, by law, have to provide you with a free copy of Your Rights and Responsibilities. Alternatively, you can download a free digital copy of the handbook in a PDF format from the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Finding a reliable and professional mover for the house move is very important. You must use these points to identify the best moving company’s options and make the best choice.

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