Tips to Protect Your Home On Moving Day

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Moving to a new place is always exciting, it brings along a lot of new challenges and zeal to explore a different side of the world. However, this happiness comes at the cost of leaving your old house, neighborhood, and people in the rear view mirror of life. But leaving the place where you have lived for several years doesn’t mean that you should stop bothering about it and move your belongings in such reckless manner that it damages the property. Always remember that after you someone else is going to move here and you must leave the place in a way you would want your new house to be. Even if you are hiring a movers NYC for the movement it becomes your responsibility to take care that they carry everything with utmost care and precaution. But before that let us give you some tips that will help you to protect your house shifting easily.

How to manage house shifting

Managing house shifting is no joke and thus here we have come up with the guide that will not only help you to manage if effectively but will also help you to stay stress-free during the entire shifting:

  • Stay Organized
  • Decide whether you want to do it yourself or you want to hire a professional movers NYC.
  • Start searching for the appropriate moving company without any delay.
  • Discard all those items which are of no use to you as the cost of transportation is primarily based on two parameters one location and secondly on the weight of the items that you intend to transport.
  • Prepare an inventory.
  • If you are doing the packing yourself, make sure to procure the right kind of packing supplies.
  • Color-code your boxes according to rooms.
  • Don’t forget to prepare your moving day kit.
  • Keep all your valuable in some safe custody. These valuables may include your documents, jewelry or cash.
  • If you are purchasing anything new then don’t take delivery on the same day of the movement. Schedule the same after moving into your new house.
  • Last but not least don’t forget to treat the people who have helped you with the move.
  • Now that you know how to manage house shifting, here are some of the tips that will help you to move all your belongings without any damages.

How to protect walls when moving?

The most common area that bears the brunt during movement is the walls of the house. During loading, heavy and bulky items often get rubbed with the walls leaving marks and scratches. There are various ways through which you can protect your walls, however, the simplest way, to begin with, is to wrap all the items with proper packing material like plastic, fabric and some cushioning material to avoid any sort of damage even if something rubs against the wall during the transition. If you are hiring a movers NYC, then you may need not worry about the packing supplies but if you intend to do all the packing yourself then make sure to pick the right kind of supplies.

Another way to protect your wall from getting damaged is to cover the walls to avoid any damage. You can always ask movers that you have hired to help you with the same, they usually have all kinds of supplies including required material to cover the walls. However, if you want to save money then you can just use cardboard or Masonite sheets to cover the walls, you can also procure furniture pads from the market that can easily be used in stairways.

Apart from cardboard, you can also use drop cloths to cover the walls, though these covers will not save walls from some major damage but will surely save the walls from scratches. However, to avoid any major damage you must use a furniture pad around sharp edges of the furniture that you intend to move.

You must pay attention while your furniture is being moved out especially if you have not hired professional movers, you need to make sure that everybody is doing their job with much ease and are taking enough time to load your furniture. Also, it is recommended that even if you don’t want to hire any professional help you must rent moving supplies to make this movement relatively easier for you and the people around you.

Now that we have spoken enough about how to protect walls while moving heavy and bulky stuff, it is time to look out for several ways to save furniture from getting damaged while moving.

How to protect furniture when moving?

No matter whether you are hiring professional movers or you are doing it yourself, furniture of the house must be handled with utmost care and precaution. No one would want to arrive at their new house with damaged or broken furniture. Wooden furniture can get gauged easily while glass items can break. Thus, you need to learn how to protect furniture and other bulky yet delicate items while moving:

  • First of all, it is really important to gather the right kind of packing supplies. Even if you are saving money by not hiring mover NYC for this job, we would recommend you to at least invest in procuring quality packing supplies. The must-have packing supplies to save your furniture from scratches and damages are bubble wraps, furniture pads, plastic bags, corrugated sheets, and stretch wraps.
  • Now that you have procured all the required packing supplies, make sure to clean thoroughly all your furniture before finally packing the same, Also, if any of the furniture items can be dismantled then it is always recommended to dismantle the same as not only it is convenient to pack but it also requires fewer efforts to transport the same from one place to another. Even if bulky furniture items cannot be dismantled make sure to take out drawers from the bed frames and dressings. Also, try to complete the dismantling process for all the furniture items one day before the moving day, not only it will save a lot of time but it will also save you from chaos.
  • Once you have dismantled the furniture, keep all the screws and other smaller hardware pieces of the furniture in a sealed plastic bag. Make sure to tape the plastic bag tightly because even if you will lose one screw you are going to have big trouble in assembling the furniture.
  • Make sure to go easy on the drilling process while dismantling or assembling the furniture, use the correct drill size else you may end up damaging some pieces of your furniture.
  • You can also wrap blankets around the furniture to provide an extra layer of safety to prevent scratches and damages.
  • Make sure that doorways and hallways are free from any sort of obstructions, else someone can trip over the same leading to injury and damage to the furniture.
  • You must have a placement plan for the furniture both in the loading vehicle and at your new place. Having no plan in advance can create chaos, and frequent moving of furniture items can lead to damage especially scratches to the furniture items.

If you will follow these tips then even without movers you will be able to manage the smooth transition of your furniture that too without any scratch.

Having said all this, moving is a lot more than just packing and moving furniture. There is a lot of stress and anxiety that can take over the happiness of moving to a new place, thus in addition to the tips to save your wall and furniture we have come up with several ways through which you can make your moving day smoother with or without movers.

How to make the moving day smoother?

Here are some of the quick tips to make your moving day smoother and less stressful:

  • If you have hired movers, then you may need not worry about a lot of things but still, to make things smoother on the final day it is recommended to make a checklist to ensure that everything is in place.
  • Make sure that you have made prior arrangements of food and drinks not only for you but for the people helping you out with the move and that includes people from moving company as well.
  • Ask someone to babysit your kid on the final day otherwise not only your kid will be uncomfortable but also it will be really difficult for you to manage both the things at the same time.
  • Make sure to click the pictures of all the boxes not only from outside but inside as well. It will help you while unpacking as you can open boxes according to your convenience and requirement.
  • Last but not the least, make one separate bag of all the essentials that you may need during the transition. This bag may include some food items, chargers, wipes and many such things required while traveling.

Moving need not be stressful, all you need to do is to stay calm and take some time out to plan things in the right direction.