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Renting a storage unit is a great way to keep your items stored safely before and after your move. When you are limited in storage space, renting a storage unit is an ideal option. You can get storage containers with climate, electrical hookups, and moisture control. There are many reasons why one needs storage units. No matter what is the reason why you need storage units, try to get it at the best location at affordable prices. Some storage units are exterior structures without any climate control while others are housed in interior structure.

Interior structure units keep the temperature, air and humidity regulated. Usually, these units cost higher as compare to the exterior structure units. First of all, you have to figure out the number of options that you have. People used to store their valuable furniture and electronic appliances there in storage units.

Though the price of the storage unit depends on the storage size units, Electricity, ventilation and climate control are the other factors that change the cost of the storage unit in Los Angeles.

Storage unit cost; a vital aspect

People search for a storage unit on two primary occasions- one when they are moving and need temporary storage, second when there is a lot of stuff in the house that can be removed to an external facility. On both occasions, extra space comes for a price. While you will happily pay a price for the facility paying unjustified storage unit cost is not something one prefers. Thus, before hiring a storage unit, it is important to consider how much does a storage unit cost.

With a little effort, you can easily find a suitable option that fits in your budget while offering you the facilities and the extra space you always wanted. Thanks to the modern storage options, there is no limit of facilities that you can enjoy in a storage unit today. However, paying the best price for it is what makes the deal worth.

Non-climate Controlled Storage Units

The cost of the non-climate controlled storage unit varies in Los Angeles from $30 to $50 per month when you want to hire 5ft x 10ft of the storage unit. Though, the cost can be up to $175 as per the security of the container.

The location, the type of storage unit, access arrangements and the level of security are the factors that change the cost of the storage unit.

The whole picture

There are two types of storage facilities are available named as interior (indoor) and drive-up access (outdoor or exterior). Usually, interior storage is available inside a big building. Though getting your entire home belongings into interior storage requires a lot of leg work. But the biggest benefit of renting interior storage is that it is more secure as compare to outdoor storage units.

Control over protection

Interior storage offer more protection from theft and pest, this makes inside the storage unit a better option for valuable and fragile items. Interior storage also offers protection from harsh weather conditions.

Outdoor units are similar to garages. Though getting your belongings into outdoor is more convenient as compared to the indoor but with lesser security. They allow you to have your vehicle right at the outdoor storage facility to unload your belongings and to store them into the container. But you lack certain amenities such as climate control and electrical access.

Several colleges and universities are located near Los Angeles who needs storage space to keep their items stored safely as you know the dorm sizes are usually small. The prices to store items vary according to the season there. When it comes to peak season like the end of the summer, higher will be the cost as compared to the other months of the year,

How Much is Public Storage Per Month?

Public storage is just an extension to your home where you can keep your home belongings safe if you don’t have space in your home for them. The Best Moving Companies in LA also use this facility while moving your household. With thousands of available locations for storage throughout, public storage has become a convenient option for all the people to keep their belongings stored there. It offers month to month storage plans to its customers and not just that you will get 7 storage options to choose from as per your needs and preferences.

The estimated average cost for 50 feet of public storage in the US lies between 50 pounds to 60 pounds for one month.

Here it should be noted that the storage cost in Northern areas is lesser expensive as compared to the storage cost of the London area.

How Much are Storage Rooms?

Storage rooms are available at several locations and of several sizes so you can select the right size of the room as per your needs. Climate controlled storage rooms are of higher price as compare to other rooms.


  • All self-storage rooms should have security measures.
  • Climate control storage rooms mean the temperature in summer should be below 90 degrees inside and above 40 degrees in winters and the humidity should be below 65 percent. It is recommended you to use climate control storage rooms for some of the valuable items such as pianos, art items, and photographs.

Like in a 5 x 7 storage room, you can store an average bedroom set along with a few boxes.

In case, if you choose 7 x 10 size of storage room, you will get the partial capacity of one studio room in which you can store chair, dresser, couch, items, a few boxes, and other miscellaneous items.

For a 5 x 5 size of a storage unit in Los Angeles, you need to pay $ 120 to $ 150.

How Much Does Storage Cost in the USA?

Several factors affect the storage rental price. Check these factors that affect the cost of the storage unit.

  • Unit size: The more the cubic storage unit you want to rent, the higher will be the cost. If you have smaller items to store then it is recommended you to rent smaller units. The lesser will be the cost.
  • Location of the storage facility: The storage units located in main cities or prime locations are more in demand as well as more expensive as compared to the others. Though, the apartments in the cities tend to be smaller in sizes therefore, the storage units completing the needs of people who have extra pieces of furniture.
  • The seasonal demand: The demand for storage units starts increasing at the end of the summer season. It is the time when people need storage units for their extra items such as water vehicles. The more the storage units are in demand the higher will be the price.
  • Service type: If you want to have a full-service storage facility then it also includes the pick-up and delivery services including loading and unloading of your belongings. While on the other hand, a self-service storage facility is cheaper as compared to the full-service storage facility. But in this case, you need manpower or machines to haul your belongings.
  • Location of the unit under storage facility: Interior storage units that easier to access are more secure such as units on the first floor and units near to the lift costs higher as compare to the other units.

Amenities to Consider That Also Affect The Cost of The Unit

When it comes to estimating the cost of the storage units, you also have to check out the additional amenities that can complete your needs.

  • Climate controlled storage unit: When we need storage units to store electrical items such as TV then it is a great idea to choose a climate-controlled storage unit. This kind of storage unit protects your belongings from the harsh environment, temperature, humidity and higher cold. You should store your furniture, books, electronic items and clothing in a climate-controlled storage unit to keep them safe.
  • Access: Though there are only certain storage units that can be accessed 24 hours 7 days because all others can be accessed at a specific time. The added level of convenience into 24 hours access is the reason for an extra price. Even some storage units have 24 hours security guards, so you can keep your valuable having peace of mind with complete security.
  • Locks: To make sure that the storage unit you use is completely safe and secure, you need to check the kind of locks it uses. Check, would you need to purchase a padlock for the unit on your own or they use good locks to keep your items safe. The more the security they will offer, the higher will be the cost of the storage unit.
  • Insurance cost: Just like you can insurance for your car, in the same way, you can also get storage insurance to have peace of mind while storing your belongings. The cost of the insurance depends upon the coverage of insurance you choose. The more expensive a storage unit is the higher coverage you will get.

For reference, renting a small storage unit in the US can cost you from $12 to $ 50 for a month. The cost varies on several factors as described above.

How Much Does A Storage Unit Cost? Finding affordable option:

One of the prime concern of anyone looking for a storage facility is how much does a storage unit cost. Yes, whether you are moving toa new place and need a temporary storage option or need extra space in your house and are looking for self-storage units, how much you pay for the facility is a major consideration. While it is a common notion that storage units are the way too costly, the fact is entirely different.

An individual or family searching for a storage unit has this amazing power to make things affordable. Yes, as a customer in the search of a storage unit, you can decide how much does a storage unit costs. How? By ensuring that you pick the most suitable option and comparing prices of various options.

Picking the suitable option:

This is the most important aspect of the storage facility search. When you pick the right type and size of the facility, you pay for what you use. One of the common mistakes committed by storage unit hunters is that they book an oversized storage unit. We remind you again that the storage unit cost is widely dependent on its size and choosing an oversized unit is sheer wastage of resources.

Comparing the options:

Any wise search demands two things- looking for various options & thoughtful comparison. You must contact at least 3 storage facility providers and ask them for their prices. Once you get the storage unit cost from different facility providers, compare it diligently and reach to a conclusion that fits your requirement and your budget.

How Many Boxes Fit in a 5×5 Storage?

Having trouble imagining how 5 x 5 exactly looks like? Let us help you in imagining the size of 5 x 5 unit storage. You can keep your furniture and boxes stored in this unit size. It means the storage unit will be 5 feet wide and 5 feet long which is equal to 25 square feet. On average the ceiling size remains 8 feet, therefore, you will get a total space of 200 square feet.

It can be considered as a large closer where you store items such as chairs, small bookcases, small desks, lamps and so on. You can store your seasonal items into this closet. You can also store items such as holiday decorations, small water riding vehicles into it.

Hope this guide helps you in understanding how much does a storage unit cost and choose the right facility under your budgeted price.