How To Make Arrangements For A One-day Move

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We generally need plenty of time to move a house as moving is a process that includes tiny details and individual tasks. At least three or four weeks are preferred for doing it right. But sometimes life happens and you may need to move in a day. A quick move can be needed in two cases. In the first case, you don’t have a lot of lead time between finding out you move and the move itself and another is the one where you delayed your moving process just a bit too much and find yourself in a completely unpacked home a day prior to your move. In both cases, it is very much required to know the quick moving tips to make all the necessary arrangements. You can use the following tips and tricks to save yourself from a quick-moving disaster.


The first and foremost requirement for moving is the arrangement of a logistics company. Though it is hard to find a logistics company at the last minute is utterly difficult. It is quite obvious to feel paralyzed by the thought of how much is needed to be done. But instead of sitting overwhelmed and letting your moving to-dos linger on more and get to work crossing items off of the list.

You either need to hire a moving company or rent a truck as per your need like if you’re going to need professional help with your move or you’re planning to do it yourself. If you are planning to hire movers Miami then you probably won’t have much time to do research so check online and compare their services and prices. And if you’re planning a DIY move and renting a truck then also get quotes from two or more moving companies before making a decision. Once you have the logistics ready, you are quite sorted for your move and you can get to work on everything else.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Getting rid of your unwanted stuff is much needed in a quick move as the less you have to pack the sooner it will be done. Before you start putting in your stuff in storage boxes just go through each room, closet, and cabinet of your house and take out items you no longer want or need. You can separate these items into three boxes including donate, recycle, and throw away.

Moving home is the perfect time to get rid of all the unessential stuff and a quick move gives you even more reason to do so and travel lightly. It’s much needed to sort these items out pre-move and save your time and energy for the things that really matter.

Along with small knick-knacks, even bigger items like furniture should also be sorted, considering the space available at your new place, you can keep or remove furniture items from your moving list.

Start Packing Immediately

Once you have sorted the unessential items from your packing list, now you are not having much time to pack, so don’t think much and just pack everything you have. You can keep dresser drawers intact and simply remove each drawer and wrap it in packing materials or keep the entire dressers as is. You can tape the drawers as it is, leaving the items placed in each drawer, just secure them properly with tape or any other binding material. You can save yourself a lot of time and boxes by packing up clothes as they already are. Consider packing hanging clothes as it is in garbage bags or storage boxes. Use blankets and towels to secure glass items as you are out of time to buy all those security packing supplies. Pack the stuff of each room at once. Try not to sit and sort similar items as it takes much longer than usual. Keep your space as clear and manageable as possible by only setting up boxes as you’re ready to fill them. Once a box is filled, tape it up, move it out of the way, and set up a new one and don’t forget to label the boxes with room number and things containing in them. Packing things in an unorganized manner may cause a lot of extra time in the unpacking of things but it’s worth as it will enable you to move on the desired time.

Don’t Hesitate and Take Help

Moving a house is not an easy task and then doing it all in one day seems just impossible. But instead of freaking out, it is much advisable to take help from your colleagues, friends, and family. Near ones are always ready to help and having your close people near you at such hectic time, keeps you going and brings in quick and good results. Packing and moving type of works seem adventurous when done in the company. At the end of the day, you all can sit together and have pizza at your new place. This way the move can be done in a fun way.

Let the Movers Do Some Work

Consider hiring professional movers as they are very helpful and know the professional procedure of doing every task. Works like disassembling the furniture, loading, and unloading should be kept for movers. They may charge a little extra but it’s worth paying when you know that the time is a constraint.

Don’t Forget to Pack an Essentials Bag

Packing in a hurry means, you will not be able to unpack quickly. Though packing an essentials bag is always advised in every kind of move but in a quick move case, it is a must. Keep a bag and before you start packing, fill it with the essentials you will need at your new place after reaching there. This essentials list may include prescribed medications and important documents, chargers, toiletries, a couple of changes of clothes, important documents, keys of your new house, coffee maker, coffee powder, and a few snacks. Once your essentials bag is put together, you are sorted for your first day at your new home. Don’t forget to keep a few beddings and sheets handy to sleep on the first night as you may not get so much time to assemble your beds on the very first day.

Moving in the short notice can be complicated but not impossible. Use these tips to make your short-notice move successful and enjoy a fresh start at your new house. You can always take help from the best local movers in Santa Clarita and take away the stress from an unplanned move.

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