Moving In Summer: A Detailed Checklist

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Moving in summer is the most popular time of the year to move through it has its own set of obstacles especially if you are moving to or from a hot place. Moving in itself is a daunting process and then doing so in summers makes it all the more difficult. Moving in summer will not only cost you higher but you’ll also have to prepare for dealing with hot and humid weather as packing, loading, and unloading of heavy boxes is not an easy task. Moving in summer will need little extra precautions like you will have to give thought to logistics and how to keep cool. Here are some tips to make your move a cool breeze in the hot summer weather:

Plan Ahead

As summer is the prime time for moving and it’s the busiest time of the year for movers too, so you are advised to plan your move well in advance. Waiting for the last moment may cost you a lot more as the best moving companies NJ fill up their schedule quickly and don’t provide competitive pricing because the demand is high. And if you can, then start looking for moving companies at least six to eight weeks before the date on which you wish to move as it will enable you to avoid rushing around in the blazing heat. Packing up your belongings several days before your move will keep you sorted and also try to be as organized as possible.

Avoid Loading in the Peak Hot Hours of the Day:

Book your moving company to arrive early in the morning as early morning hours are still relatively cool. It’s always best to aim for an early morning move when dealing with a summer move as generally, the intensity of the sun and UV rays are strongest from the hours of 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Also don’t forget to stay hydrated and wear light clothing of loose-fitting and breathable fabric, such as cotton or linen, especially if you’re doing the strenuous activity yourself as it will save you from overheat. Heat stroke is a real danger when moving in the summer so take all the necessary precautions to avoid heat.

Keep Enough Water Supply

Stay hydrated is very important especially during a summer move as you will be sweating a lot while lifting boxes and coordinating a move. Not drinking enough water may show some seriously undesirable symptoms of dehydration. Water is the most important, yet overlooked nutrient. Arrange a cooler of bottled water for yourself and the movers on a moving day. You can also bring extra paper cups and ask everyone to utilize the tap water to save money.

Turn on utilities before the move

If you’re moving in the hot summer months, consider switching on the air conditioning before you move a top priority. This will help you and your movers to stay hydrated and they won’t be sweating to death on moving day. You’ll be able to better focus on the tasks ahead by cooling down your house ahead of time.

Pack Smartly As not all items fare well in the heat

Be aware of the fact that not everything can handle sitting in a hot moving truck for hours. Some items that have the potential to melt, will simply won’t fare well in that kind of summer heat. So, make sure to pack these belongings separately and get them inside the air-conditioned house as soon as possible.

Bring portable fans

Don’t forget to bring a few portable fans with you if electricity at your new place is not on yet. These fans are easily available at most big box stores, such as Target, Walmart, Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond. Buying portable fans that are battery operated is a better choice. Even if you have air conditioning, it is better to have at least one of these fans set up in the garage.

Protect Your Skin and Apply Sunscreen

Make sure to apply ample amount of sunscreen on all the exposing parts of your skin before you get moving. No matter if the sunscreen is in the spray form or the lotion, make sure you’ve completely covered your face, neck, ears, shoulders, arms, hands, feet and legs. You should choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, water resistant, and that provides broad-spectrum coverage. Apply the sunscreen 15 minutes before heading outside. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every two hours to remain protected.

Don’t Ignore Overheating Symptoms

Exposure to high temperatures can be dangerous, so it is important to be aware of signs of overheating and related illness especially if the weather is hot. Be conscious of any symptoms including elevated body temperature, headaches, nausea, dizziness, weakness, fainting, muscle cramps, seizures, and general confusion. If you or anyone else feel any of these symptoms, act quickly and get yourself or them out of the heat and take them into the air conditioning as soon as possible. It is advised to drink plenty of water, lie down so that you don’t pass out, and take a cool shower or dab yourself with cold towels.

Choose Moving Day Wisely

Try to move on the least busy day. Generally, the beginning and end of the month and weekends are packed because that’s when most people move as weekdays as most people have to go to work so. Then Memorial Day weekend and the last weekend of July are also busy days. Due to over demand, even moving companies are not willing to lower their rates on these days. But as their business is usually slow on weekdays, moving companies usually give a better price. But if you still have to move on a particular day like Friday or Saturday or the first or last day of the month. It won’t be an easy process to find a moving company which automatically means steeply hiked-up prices. So book your moving company in advance if you cannot shift your move to weekdays.

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