Corporate Move: A Complete Checklist to Make Your Move Successful

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A corporate move doesn’t only impact your employees but also your business. Moving to a new office space also involved all the process as moving to a new home. Moving an office will include moving of big and bulky furniture, packing electronics, and knick-knacks of other rooms to get packed up. Office relocation is a whole lot of work, regardless of the size of your company. Usually, it is not possible to exactly shut down operations for a week to sort things out and there’s not a whole lot of time to get it all done. If you’re trying to navigate one, follow these tips to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Choosing the right time for corporate moving can also save your company a lot of money, and make your move much easier.

A proper corporate move checklist ensures you proper planning for your corporate move. A checklist is mandatory to plan out the move and confirm that you are meeting each step necessary. The following checklist can help you get started with your own relocation process, which will ensure your corporate relocation smooth and inexpensive.

Early Planning:

Start planning for the move immediately after you decide to make a corporate move. Planning is the key to a success in every matter and it’s not different in case of a corporate move to and it may take up to a year for major corporate relocations. You should use a blueprint to figure out office and common space layouts and also figure out any new needs you might have. You may probably have to set aside a few months to efficiently plan your office relocation, and a couple of months to actually get everything set up and ready to go.

Make a schedule:

Try to schedule your move in the middle of the week as workers will be more willing to assist during the work week as they will not be interested in compromising their weekend. It will also allow time to get settled in before the weekend while different service providers are available for last minute arrangements. Moving mid-week means you’ll be ready to get back to work the next Monday. Not only mid-week but also mid of the month is the right time as businesses are busier during the beginning and end of the month. Whole staff may be overworked and find it hard to prepare for the move in the beginning and end.

Moving budget planning:

Don’t forget to plan ahead for your moving budget as it’s important to know how much you can spend and you actually have to spend.

Divide the work:

Dividing up the work among employees is a great idea but still, it is important to have a designated move manager who should facilitate and follow up everyone on each step to ensure that things are progressing. You can appoint an administrative assistant for this job.

Get moving quotes:

It is always recommended to research and get quotes from at least three professional moving companies before booking your move. Commercial relocation is different from home relocation in many ways but because an office move can get very expensive, very fast, you’re better off looking at a couple more than that. Plan to hire a full service moving company if you afford to as they’ll do all the packing as well as the loading, unloading, and unpacking for you.

You can ask around in your business world for recommendations of moving companies that have experience with office relocations or you can even check online. Be sure to have a representative from each company come to your office and see the scope of the work to get the most accurate quote possible. With jobs like this, it’s not easy and enough to describe what needs to be done over the phone. Make sure that any moving company you hire for your commercial relocation should be licensed and insured.

Help the Movers NJ:

Even though you have hired a moving company which will come in to take care of the big stuff, it is much advised to make everyone responsible for their own desk space. Give your staff a heads up by sending emails or call in a meeting to tell them when they need to have their desks packed up by. Don’t overstress them and give them enough time to do a little bit at a time so nobody will try to get all packed up at the last minute.

Take care of your technical gadgets:

Disconnecting and reconnecting all of your techs is one of the biggest complications while moving to a new office space. Inform you I.T. department about the move as soon as possible and draft a plan for transferring all of your office’s technical equipment. These tech things may include computers, servers, and phones, your data and internet plans. This is a big job, which can’t be outsourced to the movers, so it’s important that your team gets to work on it as early as possible. Set up a plan for recycling or donating if there are pieces of equipment that you’ll be getting rid of. There are certain non-profit organizations that accept used tech and donate them where they’re needed the most.

Find a perfect corporate space:

If you do not own the building that you are moving out of or in to then you will need to get a full breakdown of all building rules around relocating. You will have to check the rules with the actual building owner to know as you may be allowed to move only during non-business hours and you may have to put in a special request to use the service elevator. Get these rules from building management as early as possible.

Work on the documents:

Start updating your documents with your new address once the date of your move is confirmed. In fact, place your orders for new business cards, letterhead, envelopes, return labels, etc. immediately after you know your new address and moving date. Don’t forget to update your clients as well.

Moving a corporate setup is challenging and you must stay prepared to face them before you is always better to consult with reliable and experienced Movers in NJ before you kick-start the moving process. The best moving company can help you to make your move safe and successful.

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