Packing to Moving- A Guide to Successful Relocation

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Successful relocation of any households takes time, effort, and is undoubtedly stressful and it is a daunting process. It drains you both emotionally and financially. Moving is one of the biggest household tasks there is and it can be extremely overwhelming. It is a long process which has several smaller parts including Packing, organizing, transporting, and even trying to bribe your friends to help in the process. The idea of moving scares one and all but if you take the time to plan ahead and organize accordingly, you’ll have a safe and sorted move.

Moving preparations don’t start with packing, they start way before it. The first and foremost requirement is to have enough packing supplies to get you through the whole packing process. It is very difficult and tiring to scramble around trying to find extra boxes on the day before or morning of your move.

Tips to have a hassle free moving preparations:

Order a lot of boxes:

Don’t be a miser while buying the storage boxes because It’s much easier to deal with extra boxes than it is to find more at the last minute. You can talk to the store about returning the unused boxes. You can also collect boxes from close people like family, friends, and colleagues, from local grocery stores, and supermarkets instead of buying new ones.

Order them in different Sizes

Be sure to get a variety of sizes, don’t stick to one size. Recall the stuff in your mind that has to be packed and buy accordingly. Don’t opt for a bunch of large boxes, in fact, get more boxes of small and medium-size because they are perfect to pack most things in a more efficient way. Get boxes of all types including wardrobe boxes, many medium and definitely a lot of small boxes.

Packing is an art. Just don’t throw everything in random boxes. Be sure to pack similar things together and safely if you want your stuff to arrive at your new home safely and also is easy to find. Be a smart packer.

Other Moving Supplies are Equally Important

Make sure that you have more packing supplies than you think you’ll need. Buying a tape gun will be a smart idea as it will help to make box assembly a little faster. Get a lot of packing paper, bubble wrap and everything else you’ll need. Extra is better because being out of any of these items will halt the whole packing process.

Take Extra Care of the Fragile Items

Gather all the delicate items together and pack in packing paper first and then use bubble wrap. Don’t forget to label the box as fragile. Labels help your movers to know which boxes need extra care and they can place them in the right spots in the moving van.

One Box For one Room

Pack stuff of each room one by one and keep the things of one room together. Don’t mix everything. Start from one place in the first instance. This technique of packing will help you while unpacking your stuff at your new home.

Label All Your Boxes Properly

Label each and every box. You can use markers to mention the stuff each box is carrying. This way you will have a clear idea of your stuff. You can also mention the room number or name on the boxes so that you can keep boxes where they belong when you will reach your new place.

Heavier The Item, Smaller The Box

The heavier the item is the smaller the box should be. It seems tempting to gather all the heavy items in one large box but it is definitely not a good idea as It is much easier to carry heavier items when they’re in smaller boxes. Save the larger boxes for things that are lighter. Also remember, never over-pack a box.

Don’t Keep Anything Pending For Moving Day

Moving day is always a very stressful and busy day as you have to manage many things. Don’t keep any packing pending till this day. Be sure that you are ready with the packing of all the boxes in advance. Also, be sure that you remove everything from places including removing all pictures from the walls before moving day.

On the Day of the Move

Once the packing is over and the moving day arrives, you will have a lot of thoughts intimidating you. First of all, be sure that you have hired quality movers. For this, you can search them online and opt for the best ones. Be aware of moving frauds. Check their working license. Read online reviews given by past clients. And also do not forget to share your review to help further.

Moving Tips When Working With Movers

Once you have done all the packing and have the best movers set for the job, here comes the moving day and team of professional movers are there to help. Make sure that they have all the information they need to serve you better and keep your stuff safe. Follow the tips given below to help to move the team out on moving day.

Last In first out

Ask your movers to keep the boxes at the end which you will need first at your new home and they will load it last on the trucks. This will save you from an unnecessary practice of searching for those important items.

Be ready with the packed Boxes

Do not keep anything pending. Pack and label each and every box before the movers arrive at your place. Guide them as per your need. Let them start with the loading while you sort the boxes for them. Ask them to keep boxes of one room together.

Prepare Your Furniture

Prepare your furniture for the move by removing all heavy and breakable items from dressers and desks so they’re easier to lift. Disassemble bedroom sets to save time on moving day.

Don’t Load The Box Containing Your Important Things in The Truck

Do not pack important items including cash, jewelry, documents, legal papers, bank papers, and prescription medications. Keep these items with you. It’s very much advisable to keep such important stuff with you to keep them safe from any breakage, damage or loss.

Keep Some Important Information Handy

Arrange parking for your movers beforehand. It’s intelligent to know where your movers can park the truck and how they can best access your apartment. If you find any time limitations on parking or moving hours, tell your movers prior to the actual move day. Confirm the rules related to the use of life from your society office. These small but important things eat up a lot of time and create a last-minute mess.

This is the best guide you will ever get to make a move successful. In case you are worried about making it successful, you must discuss the moving requirements with the best movers NYC and let the professionals take care of the job.

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