Guide to Packing Your Bedroom

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Packing is the most difficult and daunting task when it comes to moving, but if you pack bedrooms efficiently, the task becomes easier and hassle-free. Our bedrooms have a lot of stuff including personal items that you need to pack. Having several numbers of items to pack mean you need to spend time to pack your bedroom, luckily if bedroom packing is the biggest concern of you then this guide on packing your bedroom will help you a lot. Check it out.  

How can I pack a bedroom fast?

When you decide to move, time is the biggest concern. You have to do a long list of tasks making you look for tips to do packing quickly. Because of short deadlines, you might make bad decisions. Luckily, if you keep the process organized then you can pack a room rapidly.

Have a look at these tips to pack a bedroom fast!!!

  1. Sort out all the belongings present in the bedroom 

Having more types of stuff in your bedroom means you need more time to pack the items. Make an inventory of all the items to de-clutter them. Get rid of all the items that you are not going to use in the future.

  1. Buy appropriate packing supplies 

Once you sort out the items that you want to take with you, again make an inventory and estimate the number of boxes and other packing supplies that you need. Purchase moving supplies such as tapes, boxes, straps, bubble wrap, furniture padding and so on. You should also gather the packing items that you have in your home to reduce the cost of the packing supplies.

  1. Make sure the cardboard boxes are strong enough 

Before you start packing into cardboard boxes, it is recommended you to checkboxes. Make sure that the boxes are dry and strong enough to carry all your home stuff. You should tape the boxes at all the corners and edges to make sure that these do not break during transportation. Place a clean sheet of the paper at the bottom of the boxes before you start packing items into the box.

  1. Pre-pack items that are needed least 

Once you prepare the cardboard boxes, it is time to prepare bedroom items to pack. You should first pack the items that are not of use. Like in case if you are moving in summers then pack winters clothing at first. So, start packing as soon as possible and pack items that you would not use now like extra towels, bathrobe and so on.

  1. Pack all

Start by packing items that needed the least, as the moving day is approaching near, start packing items such as rugs, some summer clothes and so on. And one night before moving day, pack everything by leaving a dress to wear on moving day.

  1. At last, label all packed items 

Once you are done with the packing of the bedroom stuff, don’t forget to label the boxes so you can unpack these in an organized way. If a box contains fragile items of your bedroom, label it with the fragile items so that the professional Santa Clarita Movers will handle the box with additional care.

Use this guide to pack all the items quickly. It will make your packing organized and efficient.

How long does it take to pack a room?

Packing a bedroom efficiently does not take much time but if you do not pack in a sequential manner then it can take much time. If you hire movers to pack a room, they will take just 3 to 5 hours in packing a room. But if you are packing on your own then packing a bedroom will take 1 to 2 days. Though it depends on some factors such as how efficient you are in packing and how much stuff do you have in your room for packing? The time of packing varies based on these factors.

Reducing clutter from your bedroom will help you in packing a bedroom with ease. The lesser the stuff you have to pack, the lesser the time the packing will take. So, it is an ideal option to get rid of the items that are not of use before you start packing.   

How do you pack a room for a day?

Packing is the most daunting task when it comes to moving especially when you are limited in time. Just a little preparation of the work can make you pack a room in a day. Have a look at these tips to pack a room in a day.

  1. Make a list of items you have to pack before you start packing. Take an inventory, get rid of the items that you will not use in the future either by selling or donating.
  2. Wake up early in the morning especially when you are moving in summers. Wake up earlier allows you to start fresh and full of energy. It is the time when you can do a 10 minute of task just in 5 minutes, therefore, you can pack all the items of your room within a day.
  3. Pack items that are of no use such as artwork, decor ahead of the time.
  4. Sort out items into a category and start with one thing at a time. Like if you are packing your clothes then finish the packing of clothes first and then move on the other kind of stuff.
  5. Keep the packing supplies such as wrapping paper, tapes handy so you can access these easily whenever there is a need.
  6. Trash bags are a better option to pack light and bulky items such as towels. Trash bags allow you to pack higher as compared to the cardboard boxes.
  7. Keep your clothes on hangers instead of folding these. This will take less time to pack your closet.
  8. At last label boxes with the items these contain.

This guide on packing a room in a day allows you to pack all the home belongings in just one day.

How do you pack a messy room?

Do you have a messy room? Whether you might be proud of your messy room, still, you should know packing a messy room is more headache than packing an organized room. Don’t worry, check out this guide on packing a messy room.

  1. Organize your room before you start packing

Sort all your items into these two categories named as “keep”, through away” as per your needs and requirements. Remember that the items that are just junk for you can be a treasure for another so it is suggested you to donate or sell items that are not of your use. Just organize all the items.

  1. Have a separate “essential bag”

It is difficult to open all the boxes on the first day of the move. Prepare a bag with the essentials that contain items such as toiletries, clothes to spend the first night in a new home and all other needed items. Keep this bag with you when you move to your new home.

  1. Label all the packed box 

After packing all the items, it is essential to label all the packed boxes. You can also use colored labels so mover will drop off the items in the same room where you need to unpack these.

Using this procedure, you can pack a messy room with ease in an effective and organized manner. Staying organized is the foundation to do packing effectively in the lesser duration of time.