Ultimate Guide To Moving Fragile Furniture

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Have you decided to move on your own rather than hiring professionals? If yes, then moving fragile furniture can be the most difficult task for you. Fragile items can add extra stress to your move.

Heavy furniture needs extra care while moving. Apart from the size and weight of the furniture, they tend to be more fragile. You might need the help of your friends when it comes to moving heavy furniture. But it is important to take every step after planning because a little damage can cause big damage to your furniture. Check out a few tips to move fragile items:

Hire professionals

Moving heavy fragile furniture is not an easy task even it is almost impossible to do it on your own unless you don’t have friends who are ready to help you. Moving heavy furniture requires the right equipment, skills, patience, and experience while moving. So, hiring professionals is the best way to move your fragile items.

Don’t try alone 

If you are not flexible in budget and hiring professionals is not your plan, still, you should never attempt loading and packing of heavy fragile furniture. Ask for help from your friends and then start moving heavy furniture items.

Take enough time to pack it right 

Packing and wrapping furniture is important as your packing and wrapping makes your furniture to be protected in the long term. So, don’t think twice while investing in packing supplies such as bubble wrap, packing paper and so on. To give higher protection to your furniture, take enough time and pack it properly.

Sliding is better than carrying 

When it comes on loading and unloading heavier furniture items, sliding is a better option. You will get furniture sliders from the market. You can buy different shape and sizes of furniture slides making it easy to move your furniture. You can also make your slides using bed sheets, towels, plastic container covers and so on.

Disassemble as much as you can 

Disassemble your furniture as much as you can. Take out your tool kit and find out the screws attached in furniture. It will make it easier to move dissembled part of the furniture. Like if you want to disassemble a couch, remove the feet, take off its arms. It is recommended you to keep the screw in different boxes with care. Place screws separately of each furniture items so while assembling, you would not face the problem.

Have a complete plan in your head before embarking on a mission to transport your belongings safely.

What is the best way to move fragile objects?

No one wants to get a crack on their fine china, champagne, or other fragile items during the move. Only bubble wrap might not work when it comes to transporting valuable fragile items. To keep such items protected during transportation, an individual need to pack fragile items just like professionals.

A few tips:

  • Don’t over-pack and under pack boxes. It is always a better option to bring more boxes rather over-stuffing these.
  • Fill the gap between the items with padding to ensure that they do not move during transportation.
  • It is recommended you to mix sized of boxes rather than bringing the uniform size of boxes. Fill the big ones with the lighter items and the smaller ones with the shallower items. It is also recommended you to pack the lighter items above the heavier items, so pack heavier items at first and then pack lighter items.
  • Pillow top packing is an ideal option to pack fragile items. Cover these with the blanket and then add a pillow on to the top. Seal up the box containing fragile items from the surrounding, top, bottom and from everywhere.
  • When it comes to packing items such as glasses, cups, don’t forget to wrap up each item. Us two layers of packing paper such as bubble wraps for extra fragile items such as your wine glasses. Stretch wraps and plastic wraps can also work in providing enhanced protection to your fragile items.

How to protect your couch with a cover while moving?

Couches are heavy and bulky making it difficult to move. Luckily, if you wrap a couch perfectly, you can move it without any damage.

A protective blanket cover will prevent any kind of damage to your couch. This cover offers extra cushioning and protection to the couch. Drape the blanket around the complete couch without exposing a single part of it to save it from any kind of damage, scratches, and scuffs.

Then use packaging tape to wrap the blanket from the top and bottom to secure the blankets in place. Use enough tape not just to make the blanket intact to the cushion but as well as to offer sturdy points making it easier to handle couch while loading and unloading.

You should also use a shrink wrap to save your couch from any kind of kind and moisture during transportation.

Now your couch is perfectly ready to go, wrapped tightly and protected with a cover. As you know couches are heavier in weight so be careful while loading and unloading it. If possible take help from professional movers.

What are the cheap ways of Moving Fragile furniture?

Nowadays, we have a large number of options to choose from when it comes to moving furniture. Though experienced movers are an ideal option to move your furniture safely sometimes the budget does not allow you to do so.

When it comes to the local move, the DIY move is the cheapest option. Though moving heavier and bulkier furniture can’t be done alone so you can take help from your friends. Just consider the appropriate packing supplies to pack these. Good planning is the foundation of any successful move. So, plan before moving your furniture cheaply.

When it comes on a long-distance move, the DIY move does not usually work. At such times, you need to find out the high quality of services at a reasonable price. Ask for moving furniture quote from more than one company to get the best deal. Hiring labor for loading and unloading of heavier bulkier furniture is also a cost-effective way rather than hiring professionals. Hire a moving van is the cheapest way to move your furniture.

Note: Though DIY will save lots of your money it also requires in-depth planning.

Should I ask the movers to wrap the furniture?

Furniture is the heaviest and bulkiest item present in a home. It requires additional care while moving. That is why when it comes to moving furniture, most of the people hire movers to do the task with complete safety.

Yes, Yonkers moving companies wrap your furniture to ensure that the furniture can be transported safely without any scratches. While in case if you have asked for truck rental and you are loading and unloading your items on your own then there are least chances of wrapping of furniture but if you have hired movers then sit back and relax. They will transport all your furniture in the same condition as it was before the move. It is the responsibility of the movers to deliver your items in the same condition else you can claim your insurance. So, they make their best efforts during the handling and transportation of furniture. Movers use protective material to wrap up your furniture using tape to ensure complete safety of the furniture.

So, this is the best guide you can get to move your furniture with efficiency and care and ensure a damage-free move.