School Clothes Checklist To Refer While Packing for A Dorm

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Don’t worry, schools have not started yet but it is time to start stocking up school supplies. If you are preparing back to school clothes checklist then chances are you might be feeling the pressure. It is time when you not only have to keep the shopping in control while ensuring that your child will get all the school clothes that he/she might need throughout the year.

To make things a little easier for you, we have come up with a school clothes checklist that will let you know the clothes that your child would need throughout the year.

Top and bottoms 

While selecting tops and bottoms for you, there are a few factors that you have to consider such as the age and gender of your child, the likes and dislikes of your child or whether the school requires uniforms or not. It is recommended you to get at least one pair of clothing for each day of the week.

  • Get at least 8 to 10 T-shirts
  • Bring 5 or 6 long sleeve shirts including a top for occasions or for after school parties.
  • Bring at least sever pair of bottoms such as jeans, shorts, one for each day.
  • Coats and sweaters as per the climate where you are going
  • Be prepared for the winter season as well so, don’t forget to get mittens, scarves, gloves, beanies and so on.


Bring 14 pair of underwear and socks. Having extra undergarments will help you in preventing a slave of the washing machine.


Of course, your child will need sneakers, sandals, shoes to wear throughout the year. It is also recommended you to bring shoes that match to your dresses.

Get two pairs of sneakers, one for school and one for playing ground. Also, bring one or two pairs of flip-flops with you.

Clothing for special occasions 

Don’t forget to bring clothes for special occasions and after-party. Have a few options for the school after the party. Bring two to three party wear dresses for you.

What do you need for back to school?

Apart from clothes, from backpacks to notebooks, there are a lot of things that you need to bring with you. School supplies that you should bring with you.

  • Binder
  • A few pencils at least 5 to 10
  • 5 to 10 pens
  • Colored pencils
  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • A few file folders
  • Spiral notebooks
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks or glue

Apart from this, many teachers ask for donations so don’t forget to bring things such as hand sanitizer and facial tissue.

Bring some lunch items with you. Besides two freezer packs and lunch box, you should also bring some eatables such as:

  • Sandwich ingredients
  • Snack items like string cheese, applesauce and much more
  • Dry fruits such as almond, raisins
  • Yogurt
  • Convenient vegetables and fruits

If you know everything ahead of the time that what things you will need for back to school then this will make your shopping easier and convenient. When you are not able to bring all these items on your own, take help from Santa Clarita movers in moving.

What does every teenage girl need in her closet?

Teenagers love to keep up with the latest fashion, trends. They love to stay updated with fashion. If you are looking for items that what every teenage girl should have in her closet then this little guide is just the right choice for you. When it comes to active wear, of course, you want something that makes you feel comfortable while when you are ready to go to a party then a body cone can also work.

A black dress: Yes, you can make a wardrobe full of just an array of black dresses. One that is ready to go to a party, one is for casual wear, a sexy one, an office-appropriate one and so on. The possibilities for black dresses are limitless and endless.

Something to wear for an interview: Remember that here I am not saying that you must have a suit in your closet. A slim skirt or a jacket can work great.

Something sentimental: If you have sentiments with you then this is again the must-have item in your closet. Whether you have grown up now and this is not your style but still, it was a thing with your sentiments are attached so you can keep this in your wardrobe.

A slip: You should have all kinds of undergarments that go with the kind of dresses that you wear. Have perfect undergarments to wear under tricky dresses such as sheer white dresses and shirts.

Something appropriate to go to the church: You should always have something appropriate to wear in church. You should have something to wear for a funeral, keep it up to knee-length.

A pair of jeans: You should have a pair of jeans in your closet that is perfectly fit for you. Keep jeans that go well and that is perfectly fit to you and that complement your body. Have perfectly colored jeans with you that goes good with all colors of your tops.

Workout clothes: Nowadays, girls can choose to have their workout clothes. As back in 90’s girls need to wear the same workout dresses as boys. Now you have a lot of options in workout dresses.

These are a few items that every teenage girl should have in their closet to not just to flaunt your look but as well as to stay updated with the surroundings.

What school supplies do I need?

The excitement to gather the school supplies is always on another level. But it can also be difficult because chances are you might forget a few things a lot of these. This list of school supplies will help you in packing for back to school. Apart from general things, these are a few items that you might need.

Binders, folders, and notebooks: Every student uses a different of collecting notes. For the organization of these notes, it is important to bring binders and file folders with you.

Adhesive markers: To make your studying efforts efficient, it is a great way to use adhesive markers of several colors.

Rucksack/backpack and messenger bag: Of course, you will need a bag to bring textbooks and other school supplies in school. Choose the bag of your own choice from several options. Choose to get a high quality of bag because it will work throughout the year.

Flash drive: To keep your documents safe, you can use a flash drive. Though nowadays, it is not a necessity to use a flash drive.

Hole punch: To keep your worksheets organized in a good manner, hole punch is a great way. After making a hole punch, organize these into a file folder or binders.

Laptops and printers: In some schools, it is a necessity to have a laptop and printer while in some schools it is not. So check your needs and bring laptops and printers as per your preferences and needs.

Stapler, scissors, and tapes: These are also some items that are necessary to bring with you when you move into school for several purposes such as scissors, tapes, and staplers. These are basic items to start with your art classes.

As there is a big list of things to bring with you to a school that you can’t take on your own. Santa Clarita movers will help you in moving to a new school. So don’t worry if you are not able to move all the items on your own.