What All You Should Do Before The Moving Day?

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Moving an entire household is a difficult process as moving all your belongings from one place to another is hard.  Though moving to a new place is an exciting period but some people take it as a very stressful period but with some guidance, you can ease your upcoming move. Once packing is done and the moving day has arrived, you have to keep some things in mind to make your move an easy affair. Make sure to follow these tricks on your moving day to you’ll be sure to have everything done between now and the big day, leaving you plenty of time to celebrate.

Pack an Essentials Bag

Moving is a very hectic process so there are chances that you’ll be too tired to unpack your things after reaching your new home. So it is very much advisable to pack an essentials bag as you may need your essentials within easy access. These essentials may include a couple of change of clothes as you may need to go to work the next day, toiletries, some snacks, coffee, towels, and bedding too. Along with these essentials, there are also many things that you should consider taking with you which includes your laptop, mobiles, phone chargers, and important documents like property papers, banking cards, passport, driving license, and identity card to avoid any loss.

Essentials in Transparent Plastic Bin

Consider packing your most essential things in a transparent plastic bin that you will need on the first day as this will help you to locate your things easily as the clear bin allows you to see inside and also separates itself from the pile of cardboard boxes. You can store things including a box cutter, paper towels, trash bags, eating utensils, a few cookware, power strips, phone chargers, toilet paper, tools, etc.

Pre-Clean Your New Home

Cleaning your new home before you pack it with new things, is very important. Kitchen and bathroom should be cleaned thoroughly as these are the places where germs are born and they are prone to infections. After cleaning the bathroom, put up a new shower curtain liner and stock some new bath towels and toilet paper, as well because you will definitely want to take a hot shower after a long day of moving. And a clean kitchen will allow you to arrange your kitchen stuff easily and quickly which means you will be able to start cooking soon.

Use Sandwich or Sealable Bags to Hold Important Small Parts

You should consider using a sandwich or sealable bags to store small parts like nuts and bolts of furniture, parts of mounted flat-screen televisions, curtain rods, and furniture. You can use one bag for each item and can tape it behind the item they correspond to.

Take Enough Pictures of Your Electronics

Take pictures of your electronic items before you uninstall them to know how your electronics are connected so you can remember while re-installing that how and where all the wires were connected.

Keep Some Cash Ready

You should have enough cash handy to tip your movers. Having cash in hand will also enable you to buy some urgent stuff at the last minute.

Get All the Hallways and Doorways Clear

Measure your doorways and hallways to be sure about the uninterrupted movement of your big and heavy items. You can even take out the doors if needed but be sure to fix them at their place before you leave the house. Cleared hallways will help in the easy movement of the movers.

Have Enough Water Bottles On-hand When Moving

Moving day is a very stressful day so it’s obvious to forget the simple things like keeping a lot of water for you and your movers as they will need a lot of water on moving day. This is all the more important if you are shifting during the summer. So it is very much recommended to bring a pack of bottled water for the moving day and even to take with you to the new house. Your movers will thank you for this gesture of yours as they will be doing physical work and will need more water intake than normal.

Keep a Fully-charged iPad or Any Other iOS Device to Track Your Move

If you are moving long-distance and have hired a moving company in New York to handle your long-distance move then try placing an iPad inside one of the boxes that’s loaded onto the truck to keep track of where your stuff is at all the time. It is a very much recommended tip as it could be a week or more until your belongings are delivered to the new house, depending upon how far you’re moving.

Use a Door Stopper

Loading and unloading of things is a physically exhausting task and while your movers are doing so, you’ll need to keep the front door open in order to bring items in and out of the house more easily. You may even need to keep a back door or interior door open at both the times like while loading things at your old house and unloading at your new house. So to make it easier, we recommend you to bring door stoppers.

Arrange a Parking Spot in the Society for the Moving Truck

Talk to your society office and take permission for the parking of the moving truck to avoid last-minute chaos. Don’t forget to reserve a parking spot for the movers even at your new home society. You may face unwanted circumstances if you haven’t taken prior permission for the parking. This will also save the time of your movers that they may waste searching for a spot to park their oversized truck which will ultimately cost you more in the end.

Replace Your Locks at Your New House As Soon As Possible

Replacing all your locks at your new house is very important as the old keys may be given by previous owners to many people from handymen and cleaning services to friends and family. This is very much recommended to change these locks for safety purposes. All you have to do is call a locksmith to come out to the house to change the locks. They should be able to do so in a matter of hours.

So, if you have a moving day scheduled, this is the list of tasks that you need to complete before the moving day is here. Get started and make your move as organized as possible.

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