Tips to Pack Wine Glasses

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So, finally, you have decided to move. If yes, best of luck and congratulations. When it comes to moving, the most difficult part is to transport fragile items safely. Right? Now with these tips on packing wine glasses, packing of fragile items will become an easier task for you.

Packing up the wine glasses can be a little tricky as wine glasses are the most fragile items that one can have in their home. Right? Check out these tips on packing the wine glasses offered by movers NYC.

Choose the right container: Makes sure you choose the right container to pack wine glasses. Bring medium-size cardboard boxes that are strong enough to carry the hard conditions on the road while bearing the weight of the glasses.

If possible use white tissue paper instead of the newspaper: Wine glasses are one of the most valuable items we have in our home so we have to take care of every single detail while packing these. The ink from the newspaper can smear on the wine glasses so you need to do a lot of cleaning when you unbox these. Just one sheet of the tissue paper will protect it from scratches.

Then use the bubble wrap on to the white tissue paper to provide complete protection to it.

Pad the empty spaces and label items: Now, you need to fill up the left empty spaces inside the box using the newspapers. Don’t forget to label the boxes when packing is done.

How to pack crystal glasses safely?

Yes, elegant crystal stemware offers a classy touch to your home but when it comes to moving, perhaps moving these become the complicated task. Follow this best way to pack crystal glasses so you can transport items safely at your destination.

Items you will need:

  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Marker
  • Sturdy cell box

Use cell boxes: Cell boxes are the best way to pack fragile crystal glasses into neatly organized small boxes inside the cell box. Though for large items of crystal stemware, you can use the cartoons but remember that the lower the size of the cartoons, the safer the fragile items during transportation.

Step no. 1: First of all, double tape the bottom and sides of the cell boxes to offer endurance to these. Make sure you use the quality boxes and quality tape when it comes to the transportation of fragile stemware.

Step no. 2: Don’t forget to wrap up the crystal items with multiple bubble wraps to ensure complete safety. Tape the bundled glassware so the bubble wrap would not unfold during transportation.

Step no. 3: After each piece of the items is wrapped, wrap the whole set using bubble wrap to ensure complete safety. Once the items are wrapped, fill in the left space using the newspaper.

Step no. 4: It is recommended you fill-up the gaps using 10 to 12 newspapers. Make loose balls of these newspapers by crumbling them and fill the blanks space inside the box. It will add a protective layer to fragile items.

Step no. 5: For extra protection, top up the layer with bubble wrap of the card box. Lift the box and move it gently, hear the noise, is there still any place where the items can move? If yes, fill up the extra spaces by making large loose balls of newspapers.

Step no. 6: Once you are done, don’t forget to label it “fragile items” so you as well as movers can handle it safely during loading, unloading, and transportation.

This is the best procedure to pack the crystal glasses. If you are not able to handle it, let the professionals do their work and get all your fragile items safe at your new apartment.

How to use a box to pack wine glasses?

When it comes to storage, you need to pack some items with extra attention as compared to others. Wine glasses are one of the most delicate and expensive items that one has in one’s home.

  1. Decide what you want to keep 

First of all, you need to decide how you will store and use glassware. Create a relationship that’s in your head. If you are not going to use the glassware then you should throw these away or donate these.

  1. Keep everyday items at an easily accessible place 

It is recommended you to keep the items stored in an easily accessible place. Try to store wine glasses right side up to ensure complete safety.

  1. Understand the risk while storing fragile items

It is recommended you to understand the risk associated with the fragile items. The thinner the glass is the more fragile it will be. It is important to handle the delicate part of the fragile items with extra attention.

  1. Take care of the temperature 

Make sure you notice the temperature while storing the fragile items. You should not keep fragile items at a place that is more prone to high and low temperatures.

  1. Avoid stacking of boxes 

While storing fragile items, you should avoid the stacking of boxes. This is not the time when you want to save space by storing boxes of fragile items one above the other.

Follow these tips, tricks, and rules when it comes to storing the wine glasses at your home.

What is the best way to pack glasses and mugs?  

The trickiest task when it comes to moving is to pack glasses and mugs. First of all, sort out all the items that you want to pack.

Procedure: a.) Wrap every glass separately. Start by stuffing the interior space with the help of the paper around them.

b.) Place only one type of glass and mugs in one box. Don’t mix one type of glasses with other kitchenware.

c.) Fill the empty gap of the boxes using the newspaper so it would not move during transportation. At last, seal the boxes containing glasses.

How to pack champagne glasses safely?

Clean your champagne glass

Before you pack champagne glasses for the move, first of all, clean these glasses and then start packing of these. Champagne glasses differ from type to type and size and size therefore, it is recommended you to separate the type of champagne glasses you have.

Find the quality packing supplies: Make sure you have the appropriate packing supplies to get the task done safely.

Select the sturdy moving containers: It is recommended you to have enough sturdy boxes to pack the champagne glasses. Use the cell boxes or containers that are manufactured using the stronger and thicker card box.

Soft packing paper: If you want to avoid the tiniest scratches, then pack the champagne glass into soft packing paper before you wrap up these into bubble wrap or in the newspaper. It is recommended you to purchase more packing papers more than you think you will use.

Bubble wrap: Of course, when it comes to packing, you will need air-filled bubble wrap protective material to transport all the items with complete safety.

Newspaper: You will easily find the old newspapers lying inside your home that you can use to pack your champagne glasses and other fragile items. Collect all newspapers and use them when you pack the fragile items.

Good quality of packing tape: Don’t underestimate the power of a good quality of packing tape. It will secure boxes when you pack items into boxes.

Marker: For labeling of the boxes, you will need a marker so while loading and unloading you will know there are fragile items placed inside the box.

Use these packing supplies and the same above given procedure to pack champagne glasses as well. With the above-written guide, you can pack almost every fragile item. Just go through once and take care of all your items.

So, this was the ultimate guide to pack wine glasses for moving. Follow this guide and ensure that you move to your new home without any damage of crockery.