Top Things To Do in Downtown Jersey City

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Downtown Jersey City is a beautiful place in the United States which provides you with the best of fun and thrill.  This place has a lot to explore and you can have the best time with your loved ones. There are a number of things to do in Downtown Jersey city which will leave you spellbound. Given below is the list of same.

What to do in Downtown Jersey City

Shopping- If shopping is what you like and brands are what you adore then this place is for you. From the top brands Gucci, Fendi and Dior to the Guess, Ralph Lauren etc you can find it all here. Even if you love street shopping and you find the local products of State interesting then this is the place you should choose for. You can have the best of things in few bucks too.

Partying- If you love trance or you love tapping your feet on the music then this is the place you should look for. There are the best of the discs where you can dance and party all night. To the more, there are some discs which offer free drinks for the ladies. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to rock and roll. Even there are bars where you can enjoy drinks and have fun.

Watch comedy shows- There are local set up theatres all over the city where a number of comedy shows or concerts are organized. So you can visit them and enjoy the most. Even sometimes their celebrities from different countries also visit. So you can see your zone people too.

Liberty Landing Marina- It is a 520 slip marina situated on the Hudson River. The Liberty Landing Marina is the best hangout option for evenings in Jersey City. You can go for a ferry ride to the Ellis Islands or the Statue of Liberty or rest in the casual outdoor dining restaurants. There are also some fine dining restaurants which are situated there where you can opt for a romantic dinner by the river!

Pole Position Raceway- This is a premier indoor karting entertainment facility which is present in Jersey City, Pole position raceway is spread over 80,000 square feet of area which means it is quite huge. Comprising of the two-track facility with electric karts, it is best for racers as well as for the beginners. Each race is fifteen laps with each lap comprising of 0.25 miles. The track is ideal for adults, youth and kids. You can have the best time with speed and thrill

Is Downtown Jersey city safe for me?

When we talk about the safety criteria, it is quite safe to place. Either you stay in five-star properties or you stay in motels you can travel by using trains and everything is ok. There are people from different areas such as Japanese, Chinese Arabic, Indian etc and everyone is living there nicely. So the city is safe all day and night.

Jersey City at the night:

From relaxing at the beach strolls to sitting at the shacks of parting like crazy Jersey City has a lot to explore. In foreign countries even prostitution is not a big issue, so people opt for that too. Even there are concerts then and now where famous bands and singers perform. You can have the best time there. To the more, there are community theatres all through the region, including the Paper Mill Playhouse ( in Millburn and the Community Theatre at Mayo Center for the Performing Arts ( in Morristown, which also basically organizes a number of concerts and comedy shows. To the more, there are certain restaurants which open only during the night and they serve amazing food. So you must visit them too.

How safe am I in Jersey City as a tourist?

When we talk about the safety of the city, for the residents or the tourist, Jersey City is very safe, there is no issue of discrimination for the tourist. It is always good. In fact, the people of the city are very helpful. Being a multicultural city, this place hosts people very well. So you can have a great time there.

What is there to do in Jersey City for kids?

When we talk about kids, they are not interested in pub and bars but something which could fascinate them. So given below are ideas on how you can have a good time with your kids in Jersey City.

  • Visit a farmers’ market to collect some fresh goodies and get familiar with the local crop of epicurean vendors. There are a number of options from where you can choose from. There your kids will enjoy picking the fruits and vegetables plus the colorful splash all around.
  • You can also, visit a Jersey City Public Library which is a wonderful resource. The main library on Jersey Ave comprises of a great children’s room and provides story-times, movie sessions, and holiday crafting workshops during winter and spring months for the kids. Even in the neighborhood branches of the same, you can find such things. So, this is a good option for the kids.
  • You also have an option of enrolling your kiddos in classes at The Acting Space which is a premier performing art and acting school situated in the Barrow Mansion. The fun, safe, imaginative and mutual studio hosts after-school has summer camp programs that give admissions to the students of every level (ages 5 and up). So whether you have a pre-Tisch thespian at your house or a tiny ballerina in tow, your little ingenue will get the best of treatment there.
  • You can also visit Jersey City’s parks which are excellent. Some of the favorites comprise of Berry Lane Park, Hamilton Park, Lincoln Park, Van Vorst Park, and Washington Park. With playground areas present for romping and spacious lawns there for relaxation, these neighborhood jewels are the perfect places to opt for a family outing and experience the best time.

Thus to conclude New Jersey City is the best place to visit. From the tourist or catering to the needs of kids this place is a complete package for the little ones to enjoy. Being an adult you can also have a great time, roaming in the streets, partying whole night and sipping your favorite drinks. If you are planning to move to the city permanently, do not forget to take help from the best Jersey City moving companies. The best moving companies help you in making your transition easy and successful at the best rates.