How to Find The Best Residential Moving Company

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Moving is one of the hardest jobs to do, and finding the right residential moving company to make this job easier is yet another complicated task. Finding the most reliable and responsible movers NYC is not an easy job. Recently the survey has been conducted wherein it has been found that most of the clients are dissatisfied with the services of moving companies especially because of their unpunctuality and irresponsible behavior towards the belongings of the customers leading to damage. Already there is a lot of stress on the final day of moving and add on to that if the company that you have hired for the job turns out to be one of those irresponsible ones then be prepared to deal with double the stress and anxiety. Therefore, it is very important to be cautious with your choice when it comes to choosing movers. But before that, it is really important to know what good moving company means, then only we can find the best for ourselves.

Things that make any long distance moving company the best

Before you start your hunt to look for the best moving company, it is really important to know the features that make any company the best.

  • There must be transparency in the dealing of the representatives of the company. Any misunderstanding can create chaos, thus everything must be black and white right from the start.
  • A good company will never give you verbal quotes without assessing your belongings. They will make sure to send their representative to your house to assess the things that you intend to take along and then only they will provide you the best possible quote.
  • The way company representatives represent the company is yet another quality of a good mover. Their intention should reflect on the idea they are putting in front of you.
  • A good company will always provide excellent customer care services.
  • Their professionalism will reflect in the way they deal with you.

Now that you know what to look for in a moving company, here are the tips that will help you find the same.

How to find the best moving company?

So if you don’t want to reach your new home with broken stuff then take out some time to research a bit more to save yourself from any future hassle. For now, here we have come with certain tips that may help you in this search of finding the most suitable movers.

  • Rule of three: While searching for the moving company always follow the rule of three. The rule implies that never settle for the estimate and quote given by the first company instantly rather go for at least three companies before making your mind. During your first meeting, no one is going to give you the exact quote but still, it will give you an insight into the professionalism and the approach they have towards their work.
  • Referrals: It is always suggested to ask for referrals rather than going for any random company that you come across. Ask your friends and family who have used such kind of services before. This will help you from the drill of making the list of companies, you can straight away shortlist two or three movers with which you may want to go ahead.
  • Documentation: Another important thing to keep in mind before finalizing any moving company is to ensure that all the required documents are in place. They must have proper licenses to operate the business along with the required insurance documents. In case you are moving out of state, any missing document can land you in a legal soup. Any renowned company will never hesitate to show their documents, however, if anyone is escaping from the same then take a step back as the company may not be the reliable one.
  • Red flags: During your initial meetings with several movers, you must look for certain red flags that may help you to decide whether to go with that particular company or not. E.g. company asking for a hefty deposit as advance is not a good sign as the most reputable companies never ask for unnecessary advance and deposits. They have their set criteria and they strictly work under that only. Also, if representatives from the company are not able to answer all your queries well and seem unsure about what they are saying, in that case also you must start looking for the alternatives.
  • Check ratings: The Internet has solved half of our problems, and checking the reliability of any company is one such solution. Before finalizing the company, make sure to check the ratings and reviews of the same. You can also read previous clients’ testimonials and the best part is that you can do all this for absolutely no price.

With these tips, the process of finding the most suitable company for your movement will become relatively easier for you.

However, apart from these tips, there are a few more considerations that we would like to share with you to make your job relatively easier and less stressful.

Things to consider while choosing a residential moving company

Certain things are important to look into before you lock the deal with movers. While the above-mentioned tips will help you to shortlist the companies, these important factors will help you to choose the best:

  • Experience: Experience of the company matters a lot, companies with higher experience will have the expertise to handle any kind of situation that comes in their way. They can deal with any contingency and obstacle that might obstruct smooth movement. While experience is always a plus point, in no way we mean to say that the fresher’s in this business will not provide quality services. It’s just they may need some time to establish their name in the industry.
  • Reputation: Undoubtedly experience matters a lot but if the reputation of the company is not that good then no matter how long the company is in the industry, you must avoid hiring them for obvious reasons.
  • Price: No one wants to opt for a company that is charging a hefty amount for the same kind of services. A higher price does not always mean better quality and vice versa. Thus you must choose the company that is providing you maximum services in the most optimal pricing.
  • Reviews: You can easily get your hands on the list of trusted and most reliable companies. You can check the reviews online, every company will have some good and some bad reviews, and it is up to you that on what basis you want to shortlist the company. However, while checking the reviews we would recommend you to check the latest reviews only.

Now that you have got a fair idea about how to choose the right Movers for your movement, in our next segment we would like to tell you about the factors that may affect your cost of hiring a moving company.

Cost of moving

Many factors may help to determine the costing that you may have to bear to avail of these services. Some of these factors are controllable while there are some factors over which we have no control.

  • Location: One of the most important factors that decide the cost of moving services is the location where you intend to move. Greater the distance higher will be the costing, and this is one of those factors over which you have no control.
  • Licenses and permissions: For interstate movement, you have to take certain permissions for which you may have to pay fees. The fees depend on the location from which you are moving and the mode of transportation you have opted for, again this is one of those factors about which you just can’t do anything.
  • Load of the luggage: Now this is one factor which you can control and bring down the costs. The weight of the luggage plays a very important role in deciding the cost, thus it is always recommended to carry only that stuff which is very important and leave everything which is of no use to you. Also, while deciding to calculate the cost of transporting the same item and buying the same at a new place. At times the cost of buying a new thing comes down to be less than the cost of transportation.
  • DIY or hiring help: Another important factor that decides the cost is whether you want to do most of the stuff yourself or you want to avail professional services for everything from packing to unpacking. Some people only hire movers for loading, transportation, and unloading while some people also avail services like packing and unpacking. Higher the number of services, higher will be the cost of moving to another state.

Now that you know the factors that help to determine the cost of moving to another state, you can always make a wise decision to bring down the cost to fit in your budget.