Step by Step Guide to Move A Pool Table

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Though moving into a new home is very exciting but it also comes with a lot of hassles. Yes, it is easy to transfer some of your appliances and furniture but when it comes to pool table then it becomes a big hassle. There are many people out there having a pool table in their home. But when it comes to moving, all of them have a question that what does it cost to move a pool table. If you have the same question in your mind then let me tell you a thing that several factors affect the cost to move a pool table.

  • Is there any chair or chairs included in your pool table?
  • What kind of table you have? Do you have a drop pocket or other? What are the pockets made of plastic, leather or any kind of advanced system?
  • Apart from these, the distance to cover also affects the cost of moving the pool table.
  • Is there any kind of specific scenarios which make it difficult to pick up and drop off the pool table?
  • What is the weight of the pool table? The weight of the pool table is one of the main factors that affect the pool table cost.
  • Can be pool table be shifted up and downstairs? Yes, it is difficult to move a large item. It becomes also risky when professionals have to move a heavy item. Therefore the companies will cost a little more when the table pool have to move up and down the stairs. Such circumstances increase the cost of moving the pool table.

These are the several factors that affect the cost to move a pool table.

The estimated cost of moving a pool table:

If you have a pool table in your home then considers yourself lucky. Yes, it is very exciting to play your favorite games for relaxation after completing your job work. But when it comes to moving, moving a pool table becomes a hassle.

Though the moving cost of pool table depends upon several different factors but to get a rough idea, here is an estimate for you. Moving companies Buffalo NY will probably cost you in the range from $375 to $900 and the cost varies based on above-given factors. You need to pay a little higher amount to move your pool table because of the higher weight of the pool table.

What is the process of moving a pool table?

Before you decide to move the pool table on your own, think twice or say thrice because it is not an easy task. Hiring professionals for moving a pool table will be an ideal option for you. Moving your pool table into another room can be done with the help of friends but is you are embarking on a cross-country move then take a sensible decision. But still, if you have made your mind then here is a little guide for you to move your pool table on your own:

Step 1: First of all, ask for help from your friends. At least 4 to 5 friends of you should be there to help you before embarking on this mission.

Step 2: You should have some tools and pieces of equipment with you such as a screwdriver, a power drill, a socket wrench, staple remover, packing tape, bubble wrap, moving blankets and so on.

Step 3: It is recommended you to keep the construction manual with you. Use this construction manual to disassemble this pool table with safety.

Step 4: Remove all the six pockets of the pool table one after another. Do this by removing stables or by unscrewing the screws. Now remove the bolted rails from the pool table with the help of the socket wrench. Slide this rail outwards until it gets removed from the pool table. It is recommended you to keep the screws, nuts, bolts in plastic bags separately to reuse them in an organized way when you will assemble the pool table.

Step 5: Unstable or unglue the felt to remove it from the pool table. Keep in mind to perform the task gently. It is recommended you to not to stretch the felt to remain it in good condition.

Step 6: Removing the slate is the most difficult part of the process. It requires lots of strength as well as care to remove the slates carefully from the pool table. Remove the screws of the slate using a power drill with a suitable screwdriver. Carefully lift the slate off from the table to prevent any kind of injury.

Note: If one piece of the slate gets damaged, you need to replace all parts of the slate. So be careful while removing slates from the pool table.

Step 7: Now, it is time to turn the pool table upside down to remove the legs from it. At last, if you have followed all the steps carefully with success then congratulations! You have done a great job.

Step 8: Pack all the individual items into moving blankets, bubble wraps to move this expensive pool table safely at your new location. Then load this dissembled pool table to your moving truck with care.

Step 9: Once you have reached in your new apartment, use the construction manual again to reassemble all the parts of the pool table. Be careful throughout the process as you are handling an expensive item.

This is the guide that will help you in moving a pool table. Though, it is recommended you to take help from movers instead of doing this on your own.

Can I move a pool table on my own?

Though moving a pool table by your own is such a difficult task because pool tables are higher in weight and size. But if you carefully disassemble all the parts of the pool tables then it can become a little easier to move a pool table. If you are not aware of how to disassemble or reassemble the pool table then it is recommended you to hire professionals to do the task for you else if you know then you can try it by your own as per the above-given guide. But still, if you are embarking on a mission to move cross country then again think twice before making a decision.

I want to re-felt an 8-foot pool table, what will it cost?

With time, it is required to change the felt of the pool table. Even sometimes, while moving, felt of the pool table gets damaged. The cost of the felt on an average lies from $50 to $200 without including the cost of the professional installation. When you choose professionals to install felt on your pool table then the cost lies in between $85 to $575 depending on several factors.

For an 8foot pool table, get ready to pay an amount of approximately $285. The quality of the fabric is also the factor that varies the cost of re-felting an 8-foot pool table.

If you are looking for an idea to save money on re-felting your pool table while moving, then it is recommended you to ask movers whether they offer discounted re-felting services in their list or not because some services offer discounted re-felting pool table.