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When you are embarking on a mission to move to a new location and you have hired NYC movers for your move who are going to cost you based on the weight of the stuff you have then it is a great option to donate your heavy furniture. So, if you want to donate your furniture before your move to save your moving cost then you might be looking for the charity to donate your furniture. Right? Apart from that, if you donate your old furniture to a charity, you can deduct the taxes at the end of the year means it is a win-win situation for you.

Several organizations accept the furniture all year round. Such organizations work with the public directly to offer furniture items to an individual or group who are in need. Though proper procedures have to be followed by the people to donate their items, plenty of organizations are there who are willing to accept furniture, either they use it, give these items to the needy or sell them to gain the profit.

What charity will pick up large furniture?

Salvation Army: With more than 70,000 locations in the US, higher are the chances that one store might be nearer to you but it is not don’t worry, the professionals at the organization will come to you to pick up large furniture. Apart from furniture, the organization accepts almost everything good in condition and that is in working condition. To schedule a pickup, just visit the website of the Salvation Army, enter the zip code and all the asked details. They will reach to your doorstep to pick up the items that you want to donate whether small or large.

Habitat for humanity: To offer a housing solution at affordable rates to needy people, the organization is working on different projects. If you also want to lay your helping hand to the organization, you can donate your household items including large furniture to them. Don’t worry about the hassle of drop off because the company will come to you to tow the items that you want to donate.

Apart from these, many other organizations are ready to pick up your items if you want to donate these such as The Arc, Good Will, and many more others.

 Does the Salvation Army take furniture?

Yes, the Salvation Army accepts the donation of furniture items which are in usable condition. Apart from furniture, the organization accepts vehicles, clothing, appliances and other countless numbers of items.  Furniture that is in good condition without serious cosmetic flaws is accepted widely by the Salvation Army organization. Here it should be noted that you are not able to donate ready to assemble pressed furniture. Apart from wood furniture, the organization also accepts leather and fabric upholstery furniture that is in good condition. The organization also accepts mattresses without strains and which are clean. So, before your next move, if you want to decrease the weight of your stuff to move then the Salvation Army is the right option for you to donate your home furniture.

Does Habitat for Humanity pick up furniture?

Yes, Habitat for humanity offers pickup for furniture. It is very easy to schedule a pick-up with habitat for humanity furniture. The organization has been founded with a belief that every human deserves to have a safe and secure home. The motive of the organization is to build affordable homes for needy people. The organization offers energy-efficient homes to the public. If you are planning to donate your furniture to habitat for humanity, plan a schedule now and lay a helping hand to the needy people who can’t afford to have a safe and secure place for them.

The organization accepts a wide range of donations including furniture, appliances, building material and so on. you can donate your furniture without putting yourself in the hassle of dropping off the items at the organization center. All you have to do is just make a schedule, the workers at this non-profit organization with reach to you on scheduled time to tow the furniture. Apart from that, the organization will offer you tax deduction receipt that you can use at the end of the financial year to safeguard you from taxes.

Habitat for humanity accepts couches, dining sets, end tables, bookshelves, dressers, cupboard with other furniture items that are in good condition and which are useful. There should be no stains, rips, damage to the items for donation. The profits that the organization earns by furniture directly go into affordable housing projects. These housing projects are running around the world. No matter in what part of US you are living in, you can make a schedule with the organization and can donate your furniture and other household items without any hassle.

What items does the Salvation Army accept?

Salvation Army is a non-profit organization which is helping the needy people by providing support to families and senior citizens. The organization accepts both money as well as household items which are good in condition. Have a look at these items that have been accepted by the Salvation Army.

Appliances: Appliances such as washing machines and refrigerator are the items that you can donate to the Salvation Army. These appliances can be expensive for some who can’t afford to buy these. Therefore, the Salvation Army provides these items to needy people at affordable rates.

Children’s clothing: Families who can’t afford to give proper care to their children because of their low-income face a lot of problems. Salvation Army accepts children’s clothing as well to donate these to children who need these.

Household goods: Salvation Army is also accepting utensils, flatware, and bakeware as a donation. Apart from that, other household items such as towels, lamps, blankets, curtains can also be donated into the Salvation Army. But keep in mind that the accepted items should be clean and in usable condition.

Furniture: You can donate a complete furniture set of bedrooms or kitchens to Salvation Army organization. Apart from that, you can also donate individual furniture items such as sofas, beds, kitchen tables, kitchen cabinets and much more. These furniture items can be sold to needy people at a lower price who can’t afford to buy expensive new furniture for their home furnishings.

Electronics and small electric items: You can also donate small electrical items such as radios and lamps if these items are in working condition. Though, it should be noted that the Salvation Army does not accept TVs which are more than 5 years old. Laptops, TVs, cell phones, can also be donated but don’t forget to delete all your information from such a device.

Note that the organization does not accept cathode ray tube monitors because these monitors can contain toxic elements. So, you can’t donate cathode ray tube monitors to this organization.

Money: You can also donate money to the Salvation Army organization. Money can be used to make additional purchases for the needy people.

Other miscellaneous items: Many other items do not fall under this category. Items such as books, printers, luggage, computer, vacuum cleaners can also be donated to the organization. Though these items can be for-granted for some families these can be valued by some families with less income. Apart from this, anything that is legal to donate and which is in working condition can be donated to the Salvation Army. Your donation of a smaller item can bring a broad smile on anyone ‘s face who is needy.