Safety Tips for Moving A House Without Damage

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Moving a house is a very daunting process and sometimes it can be more dangerous than you might expect. Moving is exhausting work and heavy lifting, sharp packing knives, and other precarious factors make it dangerous too. All these activities can end up leading to a serious injury if proper precaution is not taken. Safety is especially a point of concern if you’re opting for a do-it-yourself move where you will be carrying heavy furniture without the help of professionals. In such cases, you should be conscious for your safety more than protecting your belongings which is why you shouldn’t embark on any move without a good understanding of basic moving safety tips. You can keep the following safety tips in your mind while moving to avoid big moving accidents.

Avoid Over-packing:

Do not over-pack storage boxes, just because you can fit many books in that medium-sized box doesn’t mean that you should. Each size moving boxes are designed to hold a certain amount of weight and when this weight exceeds it can lead to strain or injury on your back, knees, and other joints. Generally, less than 50 pounds of weight is recommended for a small box, 65 pounds for a medium box, and 70 pounds for a large box. Extra-large boxes should only be used for bulk but lightweight items which may include linens and comforters, clothes, pillows, and cushions.

Pack Sharp Objects and Knives Properly:

Don’t forget to wrap each sharp object including knives before packing them in a storage box. It is mandatory to properly wrap up and secure sharp objects like knives, and gardening supplies, etc. as they are likely to lead to cuts while packing and unpacking. These sharp objects can even result in dangerously poking out of your packed boxes. So to protect yourself from any sharp edges it is strongly suggested to wrap up these items in packing paper and/or bubble wrap before packing them in a moving box. You can even consider rolling the wrapped item up in a dish towel and securing it on there with a rubber band or string for extra security.

Dress Up Appropriately on the Moving Day

Consider wearing comfortable and manageable clothes on a moving day. Baggy and/or too-big clothing should be avoided as it can impede your movement or cause tripping. Be sure to wear flexible, breathable, and weather-appropriate clothes to stay as comfortable as possible. Also, make sure to wear comfortable and proper fit footwear that provides an optimal level of support. Avoid any flimsy flip flops and/or shoes with heels as both can impair your balance and can hinder your movability. It’s better to stick to sneakers or boots.

Organize and Plan Your Loading Process Well in Advance

Lifting heavy items is a major part of the moving process. Heavy lifting can cause major strain on your muscles and joints, and particularly around spinal area. Consider hiring professionals to lift your heavy stuff even if you are opting for a DIY move to reduce the risk. But if you absolutely have to carry it yourself then take enough help, call in your close friends and family to give a hand. And don’t forget to organize the truck ahead of time to avoid lifting and carrying boxes and furniture longer than necessary.

Follow Proper Protocols

Learn and follow the fundamentals of heavy lifting including keeping your spine alignment as neutral as possible during the process. Bend your knees and not your waist while picking heavy loads up off the ground. It is a thumb rule to carry heavy loads close to your body to maintain balance. Be sure not to twist your body while lifting or carrying. But if you still have to twist or turn, then twist with your hips first, not your feet.

Don’t Overestimate Your Lifting Power

Lifting heavy things can be dangerous so don’t overestimate your lifting power and if something feels too heavy or unmanageable, it is very much advisable to get the help of your close friends and family. Be aware of your body and its capabilities and listen to what it’s telling you and don’t attempt to carry more than you actually can.

Use Dolly to Carry Heavy Materials

Using a dolly can solve many moving issues, it makes it easy and manageable. In fact, it can make the entire process of transporting much easier as it will help in moving your items from your old home to the truck to your new home without even taking on the burden of carrying heavy items. You can rent a dolly or can even buy one from your local hardware store or best movers in Los Angeles.

Keep Stretching Your Body on Moving Day

Lifting and organizing things are very exhausting and tight muscles and limbs make you more susceptible to injury. Make sure to keep your body loose by making a point to stretch throughout your day. Start stretching in the morning before you get started and later in the day when you’re finished. Be sure to take extra care of your problem areas including shoulders, knees and back to prevent any stress or discomfort.

Keep a Hallways and Doorways Clear

Whether you’re lifting and transporting yourself or you have hired movers, it’s pertinent that a clear pathway is needed to avoid obstacles while carrying heavyweight items. Measure your hallways and doorways well in advance to avoid any trips and falls during the move as they are dangerous enough on their own and the danger is even more multiplied when the surrounding area is filled with objects while having something heavy in your arms.  So be sure to designate and maintain a clear pathway, both inside and outside. If needed you can even remove the doors and can re-fix them once the lifting is complete.

Have Enough and Proper Sleep

Sleeping is a remedy for many problems. If due to any reason, you don’t get to sleep properly then your body is not in control. Make sure you get enough sleep during your move to prevent any accident that may happen because you are exhausted. Many people stay awake till late and get up too early to pack or unpack which is not correct as this may lead to serious health issues instead of saving time.

These are some of the tips that you can use to ensure your move is safe and there is no damage to your precious belongings during your move.

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