The Best Residential Areas In New York For Family

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Are you looking for a new place where you can start a new journey in your life? If yes, no doubt, New York City is the most popular and the right place to live in.

Every year, an impressive count of people completes their dreams of living in NY City. There are multiple numbers of reasons that make New York, the best place to start a new life. The higher career opportunities attract people towards it. America is always depicted as the land of the free and the place offers something for all kinds of people.

Today, New York City is the largest metropolitan city in America accommodates 21 millions of people who speak more than 200 languages. The city Big Apple itself is a great city to attract people across the world with famous skyscrapers, historic structures and much more. This magnificent city has become the most recognizable city across the world.

But the hard truth, the higher cost of living is also associated with this city. This is the reason why the city has not been ranking favorably in the best places to live in. But no one can deny the fact nothing can match the accommodation facility that you can find here in NYC and this is the reason why the people of NYC have a longer life expectancy.

Have a look at the places where you should consider moving to NYC:

Brooklyn (Bay Ridge)

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn is a perfect place to live in. The median price for the properties makes the place a preferable place to move and to start a new life. Apart from that, the place is home to many best schools to choose from. The quiet and peaceful environment of the place makes it a perfect place to live in for families. So if you are considering moving in the city of dreams, Bay Ridge might be an ideal option to live in.

Manhattan (Battery Park City)

Situated along the Hudson River, the place is a planned community of 16,000. Close enough to the hustle-bustle of the city, it is a perfect place to live in. Though, it is close enough to the hustle-bustle of the city yet distant enough to enjoy the peace in front of the water.

The price you will spend to rent a home here will be the price that you pay to several parks for relaxation. This makes the place a perfect place to accommodate. The place also houses pet-friendly parks so if you own a pet then this place is perfect to reside in NYC.

Buffalo (Kenmore)

There are two major reasons to live in NYC. One is the lowest cost of living and the second is some of the best public schools in the place. With home rental on an average $681, now who says New York City is the expensive city to live in. If you are looking for a place in NY to settle in, consider Buffalo at first.

Apart from this, the place also offers some great job opportunities especially in the field of technology and thriving science.

Lancaster, Buffalo

The place houses some of the best public schools across the world making it a perfect place to reside. Lancaster is a perfect location if you are considering to save higher on house rentals. The higher-rated schools with the lower cost of living make it an ideal place to live in. It is also a safe area with low crime records. The place also houses some of the best restaurants and shopping malls. All you need to do is hire the best movers in Buffalo and get started with your move.


Rochester is the third-largest metropolitan area in NYC. The place is a perfect blend of innovation and history. From decades, people have opted to live in Rochester rather than living in a proper city, NYC. Here, the place resides warmer and kinder people. Higher-income, low crime, lower home rents, and high population densities make the place Rochester a perfect place to live.

Yonkers, New York City

With the ethnically and racially diverse, the place is a perfect location to start a new journey of life. Much of the city has to the walkable distance to all kind of services. You can easily access the regions of Hudson Valley and New York City. The excellent neighborhood allows you to leave the car on the road without worrying about anything and can take a bus to reach the destination. It is a hilly city where you can enjoy snowing and snowing activities.

Jackson Heights, Queens

Jackson Heights is the best place in New York City to live in. All thanks to the public schools, public transport, and diversity that makes it the best place to relocate. The place is located in the northwestern section of Queens. When you look for additional services such as school, top-notch medical facilities, and jobs, the place offers almost everything around the corner.

Tribeca, Manhattan

Tribeca (Triangle below Canal Street) is a residential neighborhood in lower Manhattan. The place has a population of 17,000 or even lesser. The place is extremely safe where you can raise your family with complete safety. Initially, it was a business area but with the trend of converting warehouses as loft residential apartments, the place accommodates many apartments to reside.

With a monthly rent of approximately $3,000, it could be a little expensive to stay here. But the higher rent is the reason as you can call Taylor Swift and Jay-Z as your neighbors. It might be a little surprising for you, but it is the truth that you can enjoy living here.

New York is the city that is not solely for the tourists but as well as for all those who are a roaming artist, an individual looking for job opportunities and a hopeful businessperson. People are attracting towards the city because they need a change of peace. There is simply no other place like New York City to start a new life. So if you are considering to move to a new city, New York City is an ideal option.

So, what are you waiting for? Call movers and move into the city of your dreams.

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