A Detailed Guide To Hiring Low-Cost Moving Trucks

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When it comes to moving, the most difficult decision that you have to make is choosing between the two options that hiring a mover or renting a truck. While hiring NYC movers is the most convenient way to move but when it comes to affordability, truck rentals are an ideal option. For more information about truck rental, read out this truck rental guide.

Are you not sure which truck size is the ideal option for you? If not, this guide will help you out. The size of the truck you choose completely depends upon the weight of your belongings. In case, if you are planning to have to go forth and back for a local move to move your belongings then you can also hire a smaller truck.

Things to consider while renting a moving truck!!!

The gas price: The larger the truck size, the large gas guzzler it is. Especially when you have to move a long distance, it is important to consider the price of the gas.

The size of the truck rental: The size of the truck rental depends upon the size of belongings that you want to carry with you. While if you are planning to move three bedrooms sized home then a larger truck will work while in case of moving for one-bedroom or a studio room then you can rent a smaller size of the truck.

The cost of the moving truck rental: The cost of the moving truck rental is another one of the most important things that you have to consider while renting moving trucks. Of course, everyone wants to save their hard-earned money. Things such as the size of the truck, the duration to rent the truck, and the distance to travel affect the cost of moving truck rental.

Keep in mind that in many moving quotes offered by different companies, a few things such as the insurance cost, the cost for the additional fuel is not included. So, it is better to ask this before hiring a moving company for a truck rental by ending up costs more. Ask about all kind of hidden costs associated with the moving truck to rent the truck at the lowest possible cost.

These are the things that you should consider while renting moving truck for you. If you are planning to drive the moving truck at a long distance then taking insurance is also a good option. Though insurance can increase the cost of the moving rental it is great to safeguard yourself from any kind of loss during transportation.

What is the cheapest truck rental for moving?

From down payment for your new apartment to closing costs of the apartment, there are a lot of costs associated with the move. This is the time when you feel low in money and want to have the best possible deal. To get the best deal on truck rental, it starts with the bargaining. It is a good idea to take truck rental quotes from more than one company. It will be helpful for you to save a little money while hiring trucks. U-Haul is one of the companies offering truck rentals at the cheapest cost. Apart from that, choosing companies that offers discounts or coupons is also a great way to save higher.

Tip to hire cheapest truck rental: Compare pricing at the moving rental online and get flexible with your dates to get the best deal. From changing dates to changing pick up and drop off locations can also help you in saving a few more bucks. At different locations in different cities, the cost of pick up and drop off is different. Usually, companies will cost you less in dropping off the locations at their storage locations. Avoid moving in summers when there is the peak time of moving because at this time, the costs of rental trucks are at the peak and the companies will charge you the cost what they want. Avoid moving in between the memorial and Labor Day because this is again the peak time of moving.  Getting the best deal on a truck rental is similar to getting the discount on airlines. As you know the cost of airlines at different times is completely different even when you want to move to the same location, in the same way, the cost of a truck rental at a time for point A to B can be lesser than that of the other time. So, to get the best deal, it is your responsibility to analyze the scenario, get more than one moving quotes, be flexible with your moving date and if possible, keep the weight of the stuff low. Keep in mind all these things to rent the cheapest truck.

Are there any AAA offered discounts on moving trucks?

Moving is very expensive. Most of the people have a question that does AAA offers discounts and deals on truck rentals. If you are also seeking for the answer to this question then this is the right place for you.

Fortunately, if you are a member of AAA then get ready to receive several deals and discounts on moving rentals. Some companies offer discounts on moving rentals. The AAA member receives 12 percent off as compared to other members every day when it comes on truck rental.

What is the average cost of moving trucks?

Yes, moving is not a walk in the park. Moving is very stressful. There are a lot of questions that we want to get an answer. And the most common question is how much do moving truck costs. Most of the people have this question in your mind.

So, to find out the total cost of the move, it is important to determine the weight of the stuff that you want to move. This also helps you in finding out the kind of moving a truck that you will need.

Though the average price of renting a truck lies in between $5 to $300 depends upon the size of the truck as well as the duration of time for which you want to rent a truck. Apart from that the distance also affects the cost of the moving truck rental.

Which is a cheaper option: U-Haul one way or round trip?

No matter whether you are moving out of state or within a state, a one-way trip is always less expensive as compared to a round trip. In a round trip, you need to pay for the fuel cost of both the ways. Though, it is important to include the distance and the duration to be included while determining the cost of the truck rental. The insurance cost and the miles are also packaged up in a one-way aU-Haul rental.

When you want to rent the cheapest truck from a U-Haul, it is recommended you to rent at times when the trucks are not in demand. Like if you are going to rent the truck in the month-end when their trucks are higher in demand, in such a case, they will charge you higher. The lesser the moving trucks in demand the lesser will be the cost, the higher the moving trucks in demand, the higher will be the cost. This is the best truck to rent a U-Haul truck at the cheapest rate. It is possible to pay different while moving from location A to B at different times.

So, this was your complete guide to hiring a moving truck for your big move. Hope this helps you with efficient planning and you enjoy moving long distance.