Moving a Home: Packing and Unpacking in an Effective Way

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Moving a home is not only taxing financially but also tiring both physically and mentally. It’s always a better way to plan your move prior to its actual date to so that easily find the stuff pulled by the movers from a truck, leaving you in a new home full of boxes. Many moving companies provide the facility of both packing and unpacking. But still, there is a lot of stuff that you will have to place yourself. Otherwise too, it’s wise to save money by unpacking and organizing the house yourself.

By following the expert packing and unpacking tips you can make your moving process

Assign Enough Time To Pack The House:

Schedule more time for packing than your estimated time. You can be very organized but still packing usually takes longer than you expect. Sorting is needed even while packing a small area and it takes hours when you get into sorting through items because it includes determining what to throw out or keep, and what is best to pack where. It’s advisable to start the packing process at least several weeks before moving day.

Sort Things By Category:

Sort your belongings by category. Gather all similar belongings together. Scour every clothes closet, dirty clothes hamper, and laundry room until you’ve got all your clothes in one place. Then sort, subdivide their categories too and pack. Same should be done for books, shoes, important papers, cosmetics, and the others. Sort them according to their use too as keep the ones to use the most and least separately. This will help while unpacking as similar things will be organized in one place.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Stuff:

Packing for a move is the best time to get rid of the unnecessary stuff which is lying in your house for years and you are not using it. Throw all those clothes and accessories that u find cute but still never end up wearing. Donate the clothes which are in good condition but you don’t wear anymore. Sell the furniture that is not used anymore. This way you can make some money too. And also you will be saved from taking clutter to your new house. Let some positive energy come in with all the right stuff.

Enough Packing Supplies:

Packing supplies and material should be available beforehand. It wastes time and energy in managing packing material right before packing. You can pack most of your clothes in suitcase and bags you have. However, you’ll also need plenty of boxes, packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, and markers. Ensure that you have all the necessary materials you need before you begin. It will help you to pack efficiently and will reduce frustration.

Label Boxes

All the boxes should be labeled once packed. A similar type of items should be kept together. The box should be labeled according to the room they belong too. Even boxes should also be labeled with the items they contain. Kitchen item boxes should be labeled properly as that is the first thing we need to organize while unpacking.

Small Boxes For Heavy Items

Items should be sorted and packed according to their use. However, you should not pack all heavy items in one large box. It is something very important to keep in mind while packing. If all the heavy items will be packed in one large box, the box will damage and there are fair chances of a loss. So pack heavy items in small boxes separately.

Beddings Ready:

Keep a clean set of sheets, pillowcases and pillows in the dresser that goes with the particular bedroom where each family member is going to sleep in that first night after reaching the new home. Then you can make the bed for a great night’s sleep in your new home. You will be too tired to open all the stuff together and find nothing.

Separate Kits For Day 1

Make two separate kits for day 1 at your new place and don’t forget to Label them. This box should include a couple of rolls of toilet paper, toothbrushes. Toothpaste, paper towels, paper plates, utensils, zip locks, and not to forget coffee machine, coffee supplies, coffee mugs/cups, and some snacks. You will be sorted to start to unpack and organize with all the energy required without messing the packed stuff by opening this one box.

Photo Of Set-Up Of TV And Other Electronic Items

Don’t forget to click a picture of all the set-ups of cables of television and other electronic items before removing them from their places while packing. These pictures will help you in rearranging and installing the TV and other electronics rightly at a new place.

Why hire expert movers to help you with packing?

As you may have already noticed, packing is a tricky job and there are a lot of things that can easily run out of control. When you hire the professionals, they ensure to take control of the situation by packing the right thing, in the right way and at the right time. A neatly and strategically packing also aids in easy unpacking at your new home. Moreover, the packing that professional movers do also promotes the safety aspect of your entire move.

It is best to hire a moving company in NJ that offers you full-fledged packing and moving support. If there are some unique requirements, you can anytime connect with the movers and discuss it to get a personalized solution. So, next time, when you visit a moving company to discuss the moving requirement, do not forget to talk about packing services. The movers will be more than happy to give you detailed information to help you understand the need for professional packing and moving services.

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