Does Moving House Impacts Your Children

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Relocating from one place to another is an emotionally, socially, and financially draining process. When we talk about moving, many aspects come in our mind including the whole moving process, new area, new people, and new job. But there is one more important factor that we tend to forget is the impact of moving on our child’s life. The Movers in Los Angeles report that these effects are most problematic for kids who are introverted and those whose personalities tend toward anxiety and inflexibility.

There can be various possible reasons behind a move like a new job, promotion, or transfer but while moving can be a positive experience for a family, it may have some negative implications for the children involved. Moving to a new place impacts the kids over the age of 5 the most, as they find it difficult to leave behind friends and adjust to a new school and surroundings during this important time of development.

Take charge as a parent:

Most moving companies claim that it is a parent’s utmost duty to provide their children with a secure and stable environment and do what they can to make the move easier for them. Make it a point to inform your kids about your move well in advance. Tell them the reasons for and consequences of your move. Never take them for granted for being young and never think that it’s not important to involve them into big matters like moving because the move will impact them more than it will impact you.

Involve them in the process:

The first and foremost thing that you can do to make them comfortable about the move is to involve the children in the moving process. Take their advice and let them choose their things like their choice of room, décor, and even school if possible. Value their emotions and guide them to make a treasure chest which may include their favorite things and a memory box which may include phone numbers and addresses of close friends and family. Tell them about the importance of learning new things and meeting new people. And don’t forget to give them enough time to say they’re proper goodbyes to their home and friends.

Moving will not necessarily impact your child negatively as it depends on the individual child how he takes the change. Every child is not the same, some children may become independent too due to a long distance move but some may not.

We as parents are often the ones who make the important decisions related to important events like moving. You choose the city, the town, and the new house. Children feel powerless and unstable and feel bound to act according to you. But there are a few ways you can go about making your big move easier on your kids and you can keep these following points in your mind to make your move positive for your children.

Key aspects to take care of while moving with kids:

You need to ensure that the change of location does not affect the physical development of your child. Here is what you should do to prevent it:

Physical development:

Moving to a new place may impact your child’s physical development so try to choose the best neighborhood which is best suitable for your child’s needs. Be sure that the child gets enough space and conditions to play at will. You can even try involving your child in recreational opportunities and outdoor activities for keeping him/her physically active. But do not force anything on him. Give him choices and let him decide.

Creative development:

The creative environment can help in adjusting to the new place and even for the overall growth of your child. Know your child’s interests and search for the various activity centers near you accordingly. There are many options like sports, arts, crafts, music, dancing, acting, etc. are some effective skills to practice and provides your child with an opportunity to meet like-minded children. These activities may end up making a foundation of a bright future for your child and will help him adjust.

Emotional development:

Moving to another place is also an opportunity to bond with your children well and all the more as they depend on you emotionally. As they are away from their friends and school, they find solace in you. Make the most out of it and give them that solace and strength that they need.

Involvement of the child:

Involve your children in making important decisions as this is one of the best ways to give your child a sense of stability by giving them a hand in what you’re doing.

  • Prepare a memory book for your child as by creating a memory book complete with phone numbers and e-mail addresses of friends, family, and even babysitters, your child will be able to figuratively visit their old home whenever they need to. And it will also give them surety of not losing contact with their favorite people.
  • Take some time out of your busy moving schedule and throw a party before you move. Goodbyes are always sad moments and it may be sad for your child too to say goodbye to their old friends and neighbors, but you can make it a pleasant moment by throwing a goodbye party as it will give them a sense of closure and will make departure a little less painful. You can always hire the best moving company and stay assured that your moving requirements are being taken care of while you focus on your children’s needs.
  • Don’t wait for too long to unpack your stuff at your new place. Keep the child involved all through the process. Let them choose their room and decor. You may find it hard to start unpacking and organizing your new place after a tiring move and it can be tempting to leave your belongings in boxes, but this may make your child feel anxious and unstable. On the other hand, organizing your new place as soon as the movers are out of the house will make them feel happy and excited. They will find it as an adventurous task to settle the new house.
  • Don’t panic if your child is showing any emotional instability as the child will need time to adjust to their new home and social environments. Be aware of their needs and encourage them to share their feelings and get involved with the move. Make efforts to make your child feel in control, stable, and secure.

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