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Getting ready to move to Long Beach is a big deal, so is picking the right mover from that long list of Long Beach moving companies you found on Google. Instead of calling every company that promises a low price, call us for a price and service you’ll love. Moving Relo is known throughout the area as one of the best Long Beach moving companies on the coast. No job is too big or too small and there isn’t a service our team won’t deliver if it’s within out power to do so. More than simply movers in Long Beach, CA, we are the company that ensures that your next destination starts off in the best way possible.

Our Services

Residential Moves

Clients that need a Long Beach moving company come to us when it’s time to relocate to a new home or apartment because we make their moves smooth. We have the resources to guarantee seamless movement of your belongings from your old address to your final destination. We value every client, their belongings and the journey they are undertaking. There aren’t many Long Beach moving companies that are willing to go above and beyond, though they may say otherwise. Without our clients, however, we don’t exist. Our service is our way to show appreciation.

Commercial Moves

Commercial moves require movers in Long Beach, CA that are meticulously detailed, efficient and trustworthy. Not only is your furniture being moved to a new location, but your personal information and the information of your employees and customers as well. Our team makes ensures your privacy and security of this sensitive information. We are the Long Beach moving company that thrives on our ability to move so seamlessly and efficiently that your move goes unnoticed and your business operations are barely disrupted.

Storage Services

The clients we serve don’t always have room for their belongings. Long Beach moving companies can be found all over, but do they offer the security of Moving Relo? We are able to store large amounts of items and keep them safe until you need them. There is never a time that your belongings are not under 24 hour watch. Our fully staffed company has every resource needed to handle the amount of storage you need and the services that come along with it. Don’t risk your items getting damaged or lost due to space issues. Call us today for affordable storage options.

Packing Services

It’s no coincidence that packing is almost universally hated. It’s one of those things that seems much easier than it is until you begin the process. Our movers in Long Beach can guarantee the safe packing of all of your personal belongings and valuables. We use high-end packing supplies that keep your dishes in one piece and the antique chandelier’s crystals intact. Packing is a pain! That is, if you don’t have the correct techniques and procedures.

Why Choose Us?

Long Beach moving companies are a dime a dozen, so why bother with our service? Here are a few reasons we can think of:

  • We are able to take on a move of any distance because we are insured and licensed to operate anywhere within the country.
  • Long-lasting relationships matter more to us than simple business. We aim to be the only company you use for all your moving needs. This means we work with you if you feel we are a company worth keeping around.
  • No third parties! There are no subcontractors touching any of your items, only our staff. We have the resources, knowledge and skills to take care of any job without outside parties getting involved.
  • Affordable pricing for high-end moving service. We use the term “luxury” but don’t let that scare you away. Our business believes in transparency and fair pricing. You’ll understand everything you pay for and will be blown away by how much you’re not paying.

Moving Relo is the best Long Beach moving company for commercial and residential, big and small jobs or simple packing service because the only thing we are concerned with is your satisfaction.

Our Clients Receive Nothing Less than the Best Service

Long Beach moving companies that can offer what our movers in Long Beach can just don’t exist. When we take on your move, you are in the hands of a company that has gone out of its way to ensure each member can offer the very best moving experience.

Here’s just a bit of what we provide:

  • Experienced movers with no less than 15 years of moving experience. Our team is professional and passionate about efficient delivery.
  • Luxury moving. If you didn’t know there was such a thing, there is. If other moving companies in the area have turned down certain requests, we are the Long Beach moving company that can fulfill whatever service you need. We provide tailored service that fits the needs of your move, and no one else’s. Before you tell yourself it’s not possible, ask us!
  • A sparkling reputation known for quality service. This includes delivery, packing, storage and moving your things. It is not enough to simply do it well. We are the best at moving seamlessly.

Moving Relo stands out because everything we do is done with our customers in mind. This shows through our repeat businesses and the many times we’ve been recommended to friends and family of our clients.

We are the Long Beach Moving Company for Your Upcoming Move

Moving Relo has other Long Beach moving companies beat when it comes to affordable moves that don’t skimp on service.

If quality service and movers in Long Beach are what you’re after, we can make your next move, the best one yet. Trustworthy, dependable and experienced Moving Relo is with you from the beginning to the very end. You’ll be satisfied with the level of service and attention your move receives and you’ll be amazed at just how easy moving can be.

Get your free estimate today and experience what luxury moving looks and feels like. You’ll be glad you did.